Start-up Spotlight - Meet the new-look partners of the future

Start-up Spotlight - Meet the new-look partners of the future

ARN examines the tech start-ups rising to prominence across the country.


Team GobbillCredit: Gobbill
Team Gobbill

FOUNDED — 2015
KEY TECH — End-to-end bill payment platform
KEY VENDORS — Microsoft
KEY CUSTOMERS — Households and SMBs with invoice payments

Created in 2015 by co-founders, Quentin Marsh and Shendon Ewans, Gobbill has been guided from creation two years ago to significant recognition by the likes of Microsoft and the Australian Government.

Since originating in Melbourne, the business has been generating interest among start-up circles across Australia.

Why? Simply because of the technology behind its internally-developed platform, which checks for fraudulent and suspicious email bills and ensures that payments are made on time.

While the platform itself has only recently been launched, the company caught the attention of Microsoft early on, with the vendor welcoming it into its BizSpark start-up program and giving the Gobbill team three years’ worth of Azure hosting for nix.

“We pretty much developed [the platform] from the ground up, but in saying so, we were very fortunate to be connected up with Microsoft,” Ewans said. “Without that, as a start-up, it would have been quite costly.

“Although we’re ramping up our user numbers, all the Azure infrastructure is covered until we get to a point where we can move to a paid state.”

The platform itself is comprised of technology developed over the past two years and patented by Ewans and Marsh, allowing users to simply forward bills they receive by email to Gobbill.

Going forward, the company plans to add additional functionality to the platform, giving users the ability to link up bank accounts and other payment options, beyond credit cards — the option it currently provides for.

Although Gobbill’s free Azure hosting is set to dry up in 2018, Marsh and Ewans plan to stick with the Microsoft cloud platform for the foreseeable future.

“We’ll stay with Azure because we believe it’s a good platform for us, and there’s no real ties in that we need to stay,” Ewans said.

Hosonto Middleware Solutions

Team Hosonto Middleware Solutions
Team Hosonto Middleware Solutions

FOUNDED — 2015
KEY TECH — Web development platform
KEY VENDORS — Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun)
KEY CUSTOMERS — Web developers and development houses

Hosonto Middleware Solutions is living proof that good things can emerge from adversity, with the company’s founder building a leading-edge tech business from the ashes of a seemingly soured partnership.

Software architect, Mohammed Ziaur Rahman, started Hosonto at the beginning of 2015.

Rahman had been left “a little bit broke” after parting ways with the former partner of his previous venture, Information Engineers & Consultants BD (IECB).

“I had a start-up, which became a big success, and then my co-founder fired me,” Rahman said.

Instead of losing steam, Rahman decided to keep his momentum up through developing the middleware technology behind the Hosonto platform.

“It was part of our own development tool creation at IECB,” Rahman said, with the journey to Hosonto starting with a big government job for a banking solution. “We [didn’t] have the business logic to start building up the application immediately and then we created a similar structure like Hosonto middleware.”

What Rahman and his team now have is a compelling automated middleware platform that is based on patent pending automated model view (AMV) framework.

Despite offering an end-to-end development platform for web and mobile applications, Hosonto is yet to be available commercially.

However, the general launch of the platform could come within months and, when that happens, Rahman plans to take on an Atlassian-style, web-based approach to the market.

“We’ll go to the web, create some advertisements and try to create some traction built on online presence,” he said.

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