Raritan employs channel for enterprise push

Raritan employs channel for enterprise push

Keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switch maker, Raritan, has begun a channel push to break into the Australian data centre market.

The vendor is on a national reseller recruitment drive and is considering adding a second distributor to its own distributor arm, KVM Australia, to gain access to partners with enterprise market credentials.

A business development manager and technical support staff have also been appointed to the country office it opened in Melbourne earlier this year. A country manager is also under consideration.

While Australia was generating triple digit growth for Raritan, there was still work to be done in bringing the market up to speed, Raritan global marketing vice-president, Vsevolod Onyshkevch, said.

"In Australia, we have a lower percentage of servers that are enterprise KVM connected than in comparable markets," he said. "There are only two companies in the market, including us, and we haven't been telling our story loudly enough. It's not unusual to meet a CIO or data centre manager who asks what KVM is."

On top of building up its channel and support structures, Onyshkevch claimed further growth lay in educating the market on the savings it could make in data centre operation and administration maintenance (OA&M) costs.

"If you look at the US market for example, Gartner finds that for every dollar of servers sold, OA&M costs are two dollars," he said. "It is only within the last year that multi-location consolidation has become feasible and it's an opportune time for us as Australia has a lot of multi-location companies."

The move by Raritan into the enterprise space, and into the virtual data centre market in particular, was a new one, Onyshkevch said.

"The digital KVM space is growing at 35 per cent and Raritan's digital offering is growing at over 100 per cent," he said.

"Our new centralised device management and remote office management products are more of a CIO sale than an AB-switch-to-share-monitors type of sale, so we're very much moving into the enterprise space rather than home/SOHO."

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