NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Guerilla warfare joined

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Guerilla warfare joined

Now that I am back in Amber’s good graces, she asked if I wanted to run the midnight marathon in Alaska with her this June. “I don’t think so. I can’t keep up with you, Amber,” I told her. “After all, you are nearly 20 years my junior.” Perhaps she is trying to do me in under the good-for-you guise of marathon training.

Spins of omission

Amber is not the only one to engage such tactics - and tempting though it may be, I will leave Dubya out of this.

Cisco, on the other hand, apparently is waging war with Chinese router maker Huawei. Cisco reps have been giving customers white papers describing Huawei’s rebuilding of Iraq’s information infrastructure. (Hint: a fiber network.) What the patriotic company news failed to include was a mention of the recent layoffs of American engineers, who were replaced by a call-centre force in India . My spy’s new motto: ABC, as in “Anything But Cisco”.

On the weekend of the SQL slammer event, AT&T Broadband, which has not yet merged networks with Comcast, used Cisco routers to block the ports used by the sneaky worm. Two weeks later they removed the block on the ports. Had they patched the machines running SQL Server? Nope. As a result, customers were not directly impacted, but internally the network was unusable from February 7 until February 9.

For my spy, this meant his company’s network monitoring and control systems, as well as the business applications and customer service tools, were all down.

“AT&T never loaded the patches even after the shot across our bow two weeks prior,” my spy grumbled.

Dell listed a monitor for five cents on its Web site. It’s no surprise that scores of network managers jumped on it and ordered 20, 30, or 50 monitors at a time. Dell removed the product link quickly, so it’s not available any longer. Rumour has it that Dell is not responding to the orders. If somebody calls to inquire, Dell is saying it was a systems glitch.

Rotten to the core

One of my gumshoe’s employers recently acquired a bunch of Apple Titanium G4 PowerBooks, one of which was assigned to said gumshoe. The OS X version of Entourage, Microsoft’s e-mail software for the Mac, tagged all e-mail from as junk mail. That is, until my gumshoe changed the policy. Accident? Oh, I think not.

Just so I can back out if need be, I didn’t let Amber know this right away, but I think I will try to run that marathon. What have I got to lose?

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