W is for wireless, now!

W is for wireless, now!

Palm will launch its first integrated wireless handheld device on the Australian market next month. The Palm Tungsten W, the latest offering in the vendor’s flagship re-branding, is GSM, GPRS and MMS enabled.

Features include a built-in keyboard, one-hand navigation and a high-resolution 320 x 320 pixel colour screen with 65,000 colours.

It provides users with wireless email, SMS messaging, phone functionality and business applications on GSM/GPRS networks once it is carrier activated.

Palm claims it has one of the fastest radios available on GSM/GPRS networks.

A multimedia card enables customisation onto the Vodafone network and includes Jot hand­writing recognition and onscreen handwriting input, a Web Pro HTML browser and SIM Manager to allow information to be transferred, managed and stored.

The lithium ion battery is the most powerful in any of its models and can provide up to 10 hours of talk time, Palm said.

Palm Versamail is built-in to allow users to send, receive and manage email. Key features include the ability to download and view Microsoft Word documents and HTML attachments, advanced folder and filtering capabilities, the flexibility to delete multiple messages at one time, forward emails and move messages.

Mobile phone functionality on the Tungsten W includes speed dialing, caller ID, call forwarding, five-way conference calling and call history logs.

Quick Connect allows users to make calls from a Palm address book without using the stylus. Redial reminders and call notes also integrate with the address book while a hands-free set allows users to edit documents, locate addresses, presentation skimming, note-taking or the simultaneous sending of an SMS message.

The Tungsten W runs Palm OS 4.1.1 on a Motorola Dragonball VZ 33MHz processor and comes bundled with 12 communication, entertainment and productivity applications.

An expansion slot, for use with an SD card, SDIO and MultiMediaCard, can be used to back up inform­ation, add memory, access custom content, run applications or use accessories like a camera or Palm Bluetooth card. Peripherals such as a GPS receiver or MP3 player can also be attached. RRP: $1199.

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