Callsys predicts new dialler will halve costs

Callsys predicts new dialler will halve costs

Melbourne-based software developer, Callsys, will target small-scale call centres with its new predictive dialler after a successful implementation with Primus Telecom.

Callsys general manager, Stephen Rose, estimated the Customer Contact System (CCS) would halve costs traditionally associated with introducing a predictive dialler system into a small operation by removing the need for systems integration.

“Predictive diallers have traditionally been left to major banks and telcos because they have the scale to justify the costs,” Rose said. “The problem is that systems integration costs are basically the same for small and large call centres.

“We have taken a different approach where the call progress protection is done through the computer and switched through to the PABX (telephone exchange) when a live answer is detected,” he said. “Operators are sceptical of anything that claims to halve costs but we are able to do it by reusing what they already own rather than running a duplicate system.”

Primus is using the system that combines the call switching capacity of its existing PABX with IBM Web-enabled interactive voice response call processing, in a 16-seat ongoing operation to remind customers that bills are overdue.

“In the past, they [Primus] used to send out a reminder letter a month after a bill was due but now agents are calling customers within a week and getting a much better response,” Rose said.

He’s currently discussing possible installations with people in the bureau business, second tier telephone companies and debt collecting agencies.

“We will continue to target the smaller end of the market because that is where the bigger savings can be made from our product and there is less competition.”

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