Bioscan video has a finger on the pulse

Bioscan video has a finger on the pulse

Digital CCTV specialist, Elite Technology, is looking to appoint distributors and resellers for a new security product combining biometrics with video.

Developed in conjunction with BIO Recognition Systems, which provided the biometrics firmware, Elite has added video hardware and software to create its Bioscan Video System.

The integration of fingerprint access control security with the recording and transmission of digital video allows images to be recorded at access or monitoring points before being transmitted to a centralised control room for viewing and archiving.

This improves security levels within locations like government departments, prisons, police stations, offices and shopping centres as well as allowing after-hours monitoring.

Elite business development manager, Thomas Jordan, said the product would be the first video-capable biometrics solution to hit the Australian market and had already attracted attention from potential customers in government, healthcare, education and transportation.

“It could be used to ensure correct doses of medication are given to the right patients, for prisoner Home Stay reporting or student verification in remote studies,” Jordan said.

“Defence would also be able to replace some of the systems they already use including ID cards, keys and iris scanners that monitor access to different security levels.

“And because it operates at 12 volts it can work on emergency lighting systems, which means the days when you killed the power supply to break into a building would be gone.”

Jordan said the race was now on to build a channel and get the product out to market before competitors jumped on the bandwagon.

“Doing a lot of research and development doesn’t leave a lot of money for marketing so we need to build some partnerships to take it to market,” he said.

“We have held talks with our existing security distributors but it could take six months to train them in the advantages of biometrics, what markets to aim for and how best to sell it. That would leave us open to competitors.

“The first product to market often fails and is superseded by later developers – we don’t want to get into that situation.”

The Federal Government recently included the Bioscan Video System in the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS), which Jordan said would be a vital source of contacts in terms of establishing networks.

The ATS is a government program designed to identify leading examples of Australian technology with the potential to penetrate global markets.

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