Meta fires up research market competition

Meta fires up research market competition


Meta Group has launched a global campaign to take on the bigger players such as Gartner which it claims has become a "mega" consultancy.

The company also claimed that the IT research market had become "commoditised and ordinary".

Acknowledging Meta was still a relatively small player in its field, the group's Asia-Pacific managing director, Paul Ventura, said it was time for the industry to return to its research grass roots.

He said Meta would remain focused on the high end, but would pitch itself as a more business-led, trusted advisor as part of a "Meta versus Mega" campaign.

While Meta will continue providing its core bottom-line guidance for IT and business transformation, the focus will be on solving business problems through more strategic research, tactical advice and closer client contact - embodying these qualities in a new tagline: "return on intelligence".

Meta will boost its business consulting services in growth areas such as outsourcing management and also in vertical industries such as energy, telecommunications and government.

Ventura said high-growth areas for the company this year were enterprise architecture in the both the public and commercial sector, portfolio management and benchmarking, with more organisations reassessing their holistic outsourcing strategies and on the business consulting side, business process re-engineering and organisational change.

The IT downturn and dotcom implosion, which has slowed the technology industry over the last 24 months, has driven the research segment into consolidation and left smaller firms on shaky ground.

Such instability served as a wake-up call of sorts for Meta Group, which over the last six months had contemplated ways to reposition itself to meet the changing needs of the market, and also survive competition from Meta’s "worthy rival" and the analyst industry’s "800-pound gorilla, Gartner", he said.

"There is a clear indication in the market of a split between the research players and also between the degree of [quality] of high-level research offerings. For example, Forrester Research and Giga Information Group both merged with other entities and Jupiter has disappeared.

"In the Asia Pacific there are only two major players left, us and Gartner."

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