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Wyse Warns data debate will intensify

  • 08 October, 2003 11:42

<p>Wyse Technology believes data protection will intensify as an area of operational risk, specifying corporate governance as a key driver.
Wyse Technology Regional Director, Rick Ferguson, said a combination of factors will stir the current unease about data protection, including mounting litigation about data privacy and security, investigations into preventable federal and commercial data theft, and the legal duty of directors to ensure compliance with Australian Privacy Act legislation.
“We will start to see corporate governance issues influencing strategic IT decision-making until directors are reassured that data protection is no longer a concern,” said Mr. Ferguson.
“Directors are already liable for illegal or unauthorised access to corporate data. They are becoming more vocal to ensure that IS architectures reflect an intent to mitigate the risk of data privacy and security breaches,” he said.
“Server based computing is the most fundamental solution to mitigate risk, bolster network security and reflect accountable governance.”
The opinion of Mr. Ferguson is supported in recent research from Singapore- and UK-based Masons Solicitors, experts in international data protection law.
The Masons research highlighted the duty of directors specifically regarding the security of the data, and recommended server based computing as a fundamental strategy to minimise risks in protecting data.
The research concludes that the easiest way to minimise the risk of unlawful or unauthorised disclosure is “to centralise data using server based computing and not have data stored on personal computers”.
The paper considers data protection in the EC, UK, US, Canada and Australia.</p>
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