HP creates new Web services unit

HP creates new Web services unit

HP is realigning its corporate structure to help push Web services within the organisation and the industry.

Chairman and chief executive officer at HP, Carly Fiorina, has announced the formation of a Web Services Management team that would oversee the company's work with both J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) applications and Microsoft's .Net-based software.

One of the major goals for the new group would be making sure HP's OpenView management software worked well with J2EE and .Net software from various vendors, Fiorina said.

She was speaking at BEA Systems's eWorld conference in the US.

"HP is committed to working with BEA, other partners and many of you to make Web services a reality," Fiorina said. "It is not something we are doing because it's the next big thing. It's something we are doing because it will help our customers achieve more cost-efficient IT, more responsive IT and more integrated IT."

HP, along with a host of other vendors, is backing Web services technology that helps link various kinds of software via widely agreed-upon standards. The idea is to make it easier for various types of applications to communicate with each other and pass along information using common channels.

There are two large Web services camps made up of J2EE backers and .Net advocates.

HP had conveniently aligned itself with both groups and wanted to make it possible for both J2EE-based applications and .Net-based applications to work together, Fiorina said.

The company shelved much of its own Internet infrastructure software or middleware last year, deciding that partnerships with BEA and Microsoft would be a better way to go.

To help support its plan, HP created the Web Services Management team, that will be run by senior vice-president of software at HP, Nora Denzel.

Denzel will lead HP's efforts to create a common management interface for both J2EE and .Net software. HP is looking to manage both sets of software with its OpenView product line.

HP had also created a services practice dedicated to J2EE-based software, Fiorina said. This services body would be staffed by 1000 people by the end of the year.

On the technology side of the house, HP has developed the OpenView Web Services Management Engine, this will let the OpenView software manage applications directly.

HP has rolled out this software to handle and manage Web services requests directly instead of relying on other management applications.

The company has joined Sun Microsystems as one of BEA's biggest hardware partners.

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