Rimini Street looks beyond Oracle and SAP

Rimini Street looks beyond Oracle and SAP

The company's support now includes services for IBM and Microsoft.

Rimini Street CEO, Seth Ravin

Rimini Street CEO, Seth Ravin

After making a name for itself providing enterprise software support services for the likes of SAP and Oracle, Rimini Street is casting its net wider to include IBM and Microsoft platforms.

The company now supports six new database platforms, including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP ASE, SAP IQ, SAP SQL Anywhere and SAP Advantage Server (collectively the former SAP Sybase family of database products).

Thus far, the company has supported vendor components such as IBM DB2 Tools for Linux, UNIX and Windows; Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio; and SAP Replication Server.

Rimini Street’s support services for all database platforms include: product support services; database health check services; advanced technical services; global security services; and database performance tuning services.

Rimini Street CEO, Seth Ravin, said with Gartner Research finding that Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and SAP are the top four database software vendors by market share, addition of these six database products gives enterprise software licensees the opportunity to enjoy a more robust, relevant and responsive support model.

“[They] represent nearly 83 per cent of the total global database market combined.  The addition [of these new platforms also] liberates substantial funds that can be re-directed to strategic growth initiatives,” Ravi said.

“Today’s announcement further executes on our plan to broaden our product coverage portfolio, expand our service capabilities, and increase our service footprint with clients.”

This announcement follows the merger of Rimini Street with GP Investments Acquisition (GPIAC) on 16 May in a deal worth about US$837 million. 

 "The combination with GPIAC will provide Rimini Street additional growth capital to expand service offerings and capabilities, strengthen our balance sheet and fund potential acquisitions," Ravin said previously.

"We believe that having a public company structure will further fuel our growth by facilitating additional sales opportunities and providing additional capital market access. We are pleased to enter into this transaction and work with GP Investments as a new investor and business partner."

The expanded support for IBM, Microsoft and SAP (Sybase) Databases also follows a long-running intellectual property lawsuit between the company and Oracle, with Oracle eventually winning the feud in October 2015.

Oracle was awarded US$50 million damages in the lawsuit against Rimini Street, which was less than the $245.9 million Oracle had been seeking, but more than the $10 million maximum that Rimini had said it should have to pay. Of the total damages, Ravin forked out over $14 million.

Rimini Street said the support model for IBM, Microsoft and the additional SAP databases includes the same support program features provided by Rimini Street for Oracle and SAP HANA database licensees, all offered at 50 per cent savings off current annual vendor support fees.

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