NetComm ADSL modem released

NetComm ADSL modem released

NetComm last week announced the release of its latest ADSL modem, which includes a four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch for Internet sharing.

The NB1300 PLUS 4 comes with NAT/PAT (network/port address translation) and uses DHCP to allocate IP addresses.

The modem follows the NB1300 product line strategy by including the 'Easy Config' solution, which has inbuilt settings for popular Australian ISPs.

Connection status, time-server selection and half-bridge mode are all part of the offering, as well as eight virtual circuits, port forwarding, diagnostic, static IP and bridging.

The PLUS 4 runs on Windows 95 and higher, Mac OS 9 and 10, and Linux.

A microfilter is included as part of the $250 price tag.

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