What's new from: Brocade, EMC, FalconStor, McData, NeoScale Systems

What's new from: Brocade, EMC, FalconStor, McData, NeoScale Systems


Brocade’s Secure Fabric operating system is a licensed software product for Brocade-based SAN fabrics that provides policy-based security protection for more predictable change management, assured configuration integrity, and reduced risk of downtime. The software gives users the ability to secure their SAN infrastructure from unauthorised management and device level access, and to share resources within the same fabric by tightly controlling where devices (servers/hosts) can attach. There are five major feature categories, which provide a range of access control, authentication, and encryption capabilities: a fabric configuration server (or trusted switch) where one or more switches are configured as trusted servers in charge of controlling security related functions or parameters; management access controls, where access control lists are used to control access to the switch from different management sources; device connection controls, where port-level ACLs lock hosts/servers/WWNs to specific physical ports; switch connection controls, where digital certificates (PKI) and ACLs are used within the switch to authenticate new switches (WWNs) and to ensure that they are authorised to join the fabric; and secure management communications, encrypting admin and all user passwords over management interfaces. Brocade’s Secure Fabric is distributed in Australia by Lynx.

RRP: On application.


EMC has announced new online capabilities for the company’s ControlCenter family of open storage management solutions. The online access and subscription-based software offerings provides customers direct, Web-based access to EMC’s knowledge bases and intelligence engines, including the entire EMC E-Lab database of heterogeneous storage, server, and network interoperability metrics. According to EMC, the new capabilities offer an affordable way for customers to shorten problem isolation times, create and validate SAN designs, and benefit from current and historical data trending analysis. The new Web-based ControlCenter software offerings include EMC SAN Architect, a template-driven solution designed to guide storage architects and administrators through the design, modeling, and validation of fully functional SANs. Additionally, EMC AutoAdvice is an intelligence engine that analyses data about current and historical application and infrastructure performance, helping customers to isolate current problems, identify future trouble spots, and recommend best practice solutions. SAN Architect and AutoAdvice can be used as standalone solutions or as extensions of EMC’s ControlCenter application family. The ControlCenter family of solutions is distributed in Australia by Express Data.

RRP: On application.


FalconStor’s flagship product, IPStor, optimises storage utilisation, accelerates backup and recovery, maximizes I/O performance, and ensures business continuity. Storage is provisioned over Fibre Channel, SCSI, IP, and iSCSI as SAN and/or NAS devices to heterogeneous platforms from heterogeneous storage. Storage services are provided to enable Remote Replication, TimeMarks, Snapshots, Mirroring, Zeroimpact Backup and more - regardless of storage system(s) and platform(s) to deliver business continuance and reduced cost entry-point disaster recovery. Through soft-cabling and key-based authentication, IPStor delivers a secure environment for clients and storage including integrated virus protection. IPStor is sold through StorageTek, XSI Data Solutions, IPEX, Sun Professional Services and DataStor (NZ).

RRP: From $US10,000.

FalconStor Australia: (02) 8912 2153.


SANtegrity Security Suite from McData enhances business continuity by reducing the impact of human influences on your networked data and providing storage area network (SAN) protection. SANtegrity lets you build secure storage networks by providing end-to-end security features for McData fabrics. Using SANtegrity software, users can apply layers of security to individual storage network ports, switches and entire fabrics through multi-level access control, advanced zoning security and secure management zones. SANtegrity Zoning is a security enhancement that complements world wide name (WWN) and port zoning, blocks ports from accessing devices outside user specified zones. This feature improves security against intruders that load non-standard HBA drivers. SANtegrity Secure Management Zone (SMZ) secures the management interface. SMZ provides management access to local and remote SAN devices over a secure connection. SANtegrity Binding protects your SAN from disruption by either intruders or unintended accidents by creating multiple layers of access control barriers. These barriers at the port, switch or fabric level allow customers to fine tune their SAN authorisation to meet their specific security requirements. McData is currently developing additional security solutions for the SANtegrity suite. McData’s SANtegrity Security Suite is distributed in Australia by Ipex.

RRP: On application.

NeoScale Systems

NeoScale’s CryptoStor for Tape enables companies to readily achieve strong, policy based encryption, compression and data integrity for networked, remote and direct attached tape libraries and virtual tape subsystems. CryptoStor for Tape applies policy-based triple-DES and AES data encryption to the storage payload at the block level and can compress the storage data prior to encryption. A 1U rack-mounted inline appliance placed in front of tape subsystem, CryptoStor for Tape works with the fastest tape drives in FC or SCSI configuration and is wholly compatible with Veritas, Legato, HP, CA and TAR backup applications. Multiple backup privacy policies can be centrally and remotely managed that employ user defined rules to support shared, distributed, unattended, and vaulted tape applications. CryptoStor for Tape also features secure key and data management with Smartcard support and FIPS-140 level 2 protection/management compliance. To locate your nearest distributor, contact NeoScale Systems. RRP: About $US15,000.

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