​Airloom - Manipulating mobility

​Airloom - Manipulating mobility

Achieving success in the ever-competitive IT market is often about finding a niche and addressing a specific issue - Chris Player reports.

Malcolm Salameh - Chief Revenue Officer, Airloom and Chris Haigos - CEO and founder, Airloom

Malcolm Salameh - Chief Revenue Officer, Airloom and Chris Haigos - CEO and founder, Airloom

In response to a greater need for tailored solutions, focussing on mobile device management has seen one technology services provider make ground across the enterprise.

For Sydney-based specialists, Airloom, delving deeper allows the business to meet the demands of customers currently “ill-served” by traditional integrators.

As explained by Airloom CEO and founder, Chris Hagios, previous methods of managing cloud applications on-premise is now irrelevant, causing customers to “lose sight” of core IT objectives.

“People using applications outside of what is being provided has been going on for a long time, it has just been heightened because it’s easier to procure applications,” Hagios said.

“People pay five dollars per month and they have an app that a team can use.”

For Hagios, the impetus to realign Airloom’s priorities came, largely in part, from the industry shift from corporate managed devices to bring your own device (BYOD).

“What is also accelerating the problem for corporates is that the amount of desktops that are being purchased is shrinking rapidly,” he explained.

“When you think about corporate provided devices, the primary computing device is now a mobile device, it is some form of laptop or tablet.

“Think about how often people are actually in the office rather than working from home or on the road, that is essentially creating a problem space that businesses are having to deal with because all of a sudden, all of this traffic is not on the network.”

As a result, Hagios believes this changes the landscape from a model where security was based around locations, to now around individuals.

“It’s not an either or discussion, it’s an addition to what the customer is already doing with their traditional network security, you have to have both,” he said.

In addition, Airloom chief revenue officer, Malcolm Salameh, said the company remains in the “early stages” of the adoption cycle, in terms of its proposals to end-users.

“A large part of what we are doing is still educating the market and that is predominantly seen in the lack of IT involvement in non-corporate cloud projects,” he said.

“If you ask an IT executive about the number of services or the amount of data going to the cloud within their enterprise and you will typically get an answer of we run less than ten cloud applications in our corporate functions.”

According to Salameh, these are usually the standard corporate applications such as Office 365, ServiceNow or Salesforce.

However, he stressed that IT executives are missing the number of consumer and line of business applications being used.

“A large part of what we are doing is still educating IT executives who are currently managing, and will continue to manage, a number of IT security controls,” he said.

“A key part is helping IT teams understand that it is happening, what is the risk of that happening, frequency, culpability, and positivity or negativity.

“Once they understand that it is a problem, then there is a whole new set of tooling required to address the issue and put controls in place.”

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