ACS reveals horror IT unemployment

ACS reveals horror IT unemployment

Unemployment in the Information and Communications Technology sector is nearly twice the national average, according to a survey conducted in September 2002 on behalf of the Australian Computer Society.

IDC’s Peter Hind conducted the survey among ACS members. It revealed that unemployment among members stands at 11.9 per cent, almost double the national average of 6.1 per cent.

The survey suggested a large proportion of those unemployed ICT professionals were 36-40 years old or 51-55 years old and tended to be experienced in the banking and finance, consulting and public sector verticals.

More than half of the unemployed members who responded said that their core skills were in programming, business analysis and project management.

“Politicians of all persuasions, including our Prime Minister, have pointed to ICT as being the future, but it will be a bleak future indeed if we don’t tale steps to revitalise this key industry sector,” ACS national president, Richard Hogg, said. “How can Australia hope to build up the industries of the future and be globally competitive if we cannot engage those skill sets today?”

The survey also found that ICT unemployment was higher among women (12.3 per cent) and that affected members were hesitant to commit to expensive training courses in order to reskill.

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