Secure Mail 5.5 sharpens spam-fighting tools

Secure Mail 5.5 sharpens spam-fighting tools

Tumbleweed Communications has announced the release of an updated version of its Secure Mail product featuring a new spam analysis engine and update service.

"Our enterprise customers have been asking us for more help with spam," Tumbleweed Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dan Maier, said.

The release of Secure Mail 5.5, early in the second quarter, is designed to further address enterprise customers' spam concerns within a full package of e-mail security and content management tools.

In addition to the software's virus protection and policy management capabilities, Secure Mail 5.5 offers an analysis engine that applies statistical and "heuristic" analysis to e-mail traffic to identify spam.

Heuristics analysis identifies patterns that are common to spam, allowing companies to block mail with those patterns.

The company is also rolling out an Internet-based update service that publishes new heuristics to the analysis engine to automate the administration of spam filtering.

Maier said that Secure Mail 5.5's false positive rate was low.

The new product catches 80 per cent of spam out of the box, before customers had tuned the filters to suit their needs, he said..

"You can't use a cookie cutter approach to stopping spam," Maier said, "but our customers are finding a lot of value in having a single application that controls e-mail."

Tumbleweed said that it would not quote pricing for Secure Mail 5.5, but that it was on a cost per unit basis.

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