Alink transforms Medical One with 3CX technology

Alink transforms Medical One with 3CX technology

Melbourne-based telephony solutions provider rolls out 64 3CX licenses in 30 days

Nick Ower and Eddie Borg (Alink)

Nick Ower and Eddie Borg (Alink)

Melbourne-born IT technology solutions provider, Alink, has transformed one of the largest medical service providers in Melbourne, Medical One, after implementing 3CX technology and upgrading the clinic's entire telephony system.

According to Alink director, Nick Ower, the company was brought in by reference of Medical One’s IT manager.

“The IT manager at the clinic had dealt with 3CX before and hunted a premium partner to implement the system," he said.

"The decision to go with us was based primarily on the fact that we are the biggest 3CX certified team and we have done alot of the larger implementations across Australia."

Since introducing 3CX into its business in 2009, Alink managing director, Eddie Borg, said the UC vendor has become an increasingly important part of Alink, particularly since teaming up with his colleague, Ower.

“About a year and a half ago I merged with Nick who used to work for a company called MicroWire," he added.

"Nick was more focused on 3CX than myself as his business was more telephony and internet, so the merger has definitely made us far more stronger than before from a technology, knowledge and specification standpoint.”

According to Ower, Medical One’s initial requirement was to migrate away from a legacy Avaya platform that ran off multiple IPNs.

The clinic wanted to use a scalable solution that could grow with them in the future, but be able to support particular requirements in the transition to SIP.

“Another reason for deploying 3CX was for remote extensions," he explained."They wanted to start facilitating people being able to work from home a lot more.

“Hotdesking was also big for them. Previously they weren’t able to get any call report data or call recording. Since the implementation, the clinic can now also gain access to a presence centre where customers can go in and view the status of the extensions.”

Ower added that the rollout time was also critical as the clinic was moving office at the time of deployment.

“It was definitely an added pressure point, but the rollout involved 64 licenses and only took 30 days," he added.

Ower described the nature of the deal as an ‘interesting challenge’ for Alink because his team had to work closely alongside Medical One’s internal IT team.

“Generally when we do a 3CX rollout, we provide the whole lot of managed services," he said.

"However, with Medical One being the size that they are, the company had their own internal IT team, so we had to liaise with them and help facilitate the rollout of a new phone system whilst they were moving office at the same time."

Currently, Alink is working on a deal with a major bank that will require the implementation of up to one thousand extensions and according to Borg, their work with Medical One has lead to the heightening of Alink's profile and the scoring of larger deals moving forward.

“We are definitely starting to advertise a bit more heavily now and keep building our profile out there," Borg added.

"I think the big benefit for us is that we only focus on 3CX, we don’t do any other telephony systems so in terms of our engagement with customers, it definitely gives them a high level of confidence."

Within the next 12 months, Ower added that Alink looks to expand its cloud solutions with 3CX as the company is one of the few providers in Australia that offers a complete cloud infrastructure.

“We have our own data centre presence in Australia where we actually host it ourselves," Ower added.

"We run our own layer two voice network as well as opposed to some others in the market who will run it up in Azure or another public cloud service, which doesn’t guarantee that voice quality all the way through."

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