Software Briefs: MS, FreeBSD

Software Briefs: MS, FreeBSD

Counting cost of business

Resellers are invited to count the cost of business at the third annual Consal Accounting Software Expo in March. More than a dozen companies – including ACCPAC, Arrow, MYOB, Navision, Quicken and SAP – will display their accounting and business software products. Seminars will cover the latest trends and developments in accounting systems, e-commerce solutions, business and customer management software. The first event will be held in Darwin on March 6. Shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Bendigo will follow. Further details from

MS pulls problem patch

Microsoft has pulled a security patch for Windows NT 4.0 because installing it can cause the operating system to crash. The patch, released on December 11 last year, is to fix a privilege elevation vulnerability deemed “important” by Microsoft. A malicious user could gain administrative privileges on a system by exploiting a flaw in the WM_TIMER Windows function, Microsoft said in security bulletin MS02-071. However, some system administrators were confronted with random crashes and reboots on their NT 4.0 systems after installing the patch. The problem was solved by removing the patch, according to postings about the issue in online discussion groups. Microsoft said it would release an updated patch shortly.

FreeBSD 5.0 goes public

The FreeBSD Release 5.0 operating system is finally available to the general public. Three years in the making, the OS provides first-time support for Sun Microsystems’ Sparc64 and Intel’s IA64 platforms. One of the key new features of release 5.0 is the inclusion of fine-grained locking in the kernel, allowing for much higher efficiency of multi-processor systems. This means that “real world” applications such as file and Web servers can scale better as more CPUs were added to the system.

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