MS ‘resellers’ in hot water

MS ‘resellers’ in hot water

Reselling is supposed to be a difficult business to be in at the moment as margins and IT project sizes continue to fall but, as anybody running a successful operation will smugly tell you, it’s all about your business model.

Take software giant Microsoft, for example. It recently announced disciplinary action against a number of employees for buying discounted software from its headquarters store and reselling it for a profit.

Reuters reported that the details of the disciplinary action taken and the number of staff caught out were not being released by the vendor.

It seems the would-be unofficial resellers were sniffed out by private investigators hired by Microsoft following the embarrassing sacking and subsequent arrest of Daniel Feussner.

Reuters said that former Microsoft manager Feussner did a roaring trade in buying heavily discounted software meant for internal use and selling it to other businesses for a hefty profit.

Federal prosecutors alleged that he amassed a small personal fortune of $US9 million, which was used to buy, among other things, a Ferrari, a Jaguar, a Mercedes, a yacht, diamond earrings and a Rolex watch.

Now there is a man with a great business model in place. Unfortunately, for Feussner, he is awaiting trial as a direct result.

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