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Quantum Sets New Technology Standard As The First To Deliver Hardware Compression For Virtual Tape

  • 16 March, 2005 14:49

<p>Quantum Sets New Technology Standard As The First To Deliver Hardware Compression For Virtual Tape</p>
<p>Optyon In-line Data Compression Reduces Cost Per Gigabyte of Disk-based Backup While Providing Increased Flexibility and Performance over Competitive Software Options</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia; 16 March, 2005 – Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage, today announced the availability of key feature enhancements to its market-leading DX-Series Disk-based Backup Systems, including the introduction of Optyon™ In-line Data Compression technology. Quantum focused its development of hardware-based compression as a unique and patent-pending technology approach within the open systems virtual tape market.</p>
<p>Optyon compression is a more efficient utilization of the technology for data protection applications when compared to available software compression options, which are considered inefficient and impractical. Optyon compression effectively doubles the usable capacity of the DX-Series without degradation to the system’s performance, thereby increasing customers’ capacity and scalability options while significantly lowering the immediate and long-term cost per gigabyte (GB) of disk storage.</p>
<p>“After helping to establish the virtual tape market for open systems about three years ago, Quantum continues to demonstrate technological leadership in this increasingly competitive category through innovations like its Optyon In-line Data Compression,” said Peter Gerr, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. “Users are rapidly deploying disk-based systems, like Quantum’s DX-Series, to improve backup and recovery performance, yet in my experience most software-based compression alternatives impact performance so much, users never turn the feature on. Quantum’s hardware-based approach provides dedicated resources to the task – allowing users to get the performance benefits they expect and need for their backup and recovery processes.”</p>
<p>Quantum’s Optyon compression is implemented through one or more dedicated hardware adaptor cards located in the DX-Series controller. By offloading the compression process, the backup server and DX processor are not impacted, allowing the DX-Series to maintain stated performance of up to one terabyte (TB) per hour through the DX30 and up to two TB per hour through the DX100. Customers using software compression alternatives provided in competitive virtual tape library offerings may lose as much as 35 percent performance in a single data stream and suffer greater than 50 percent aggregate performance loss.</p>
<p>With Optyon compression, customers can continue to receive all the benefits of DX-Series virtual tape – fast and reliable backup and recovery performance with simple integration – while effectively doubling their existing usable capacity at a cost per GB on par with generic disk arrays. With Optyon compression enabled, each DX disk array provides 6.50 TB usable capacity assuming 2:1 compression. As a result, a fully-scaled DX30 now offers 26 TB of usable capacity, while the DX100 offers up to 104 TB using factory default RAID 5 settings with one hot-spare disk per array.</p>
<p>Developed on the basis of widely adopted and proven compression technology methods employed in industry-leading tape drives and automated tape libraries across thousands of data centers, Optyon compression is very reliable and efficient. End-to-end cyclic redundancy checking (CRC) and anti-expansion protection ensure data integrity through customers’ tiered disk- and tape-based backup, recovery and archive infrastructure.</p>
<p>Additional DX-Series Feature Enhancements
Quantum also announced additional feature enhancements to its DX-Series:
Virtual Library Partitioning: Enables customers to partition the DX-Series so that it can be shared among different groups or departments and backup software applications regardless of operating system. Users can create multiple virtual libraries within a DX-Series system, each with its own media changer, virtual drives and virtual cartridges.
Increased Number of Virtual Cartridges: Provides customers with greater flexibility in DX-Series storage capacity by doubling the number of user definable virtual cartridges per disk array. Smaller virtual cartridge sizing allows users to expire the cartridges more frequently.
Write Load Distribution: Automates the allocation of virtual cartridges across DX-Series disk array LUNs. Customers benefit from improved performance through load balancing.</p>
<p>“Quantum is a recognized pioneer of virtual tape systems for the open systems market, and we continue to lead the industry, delivering innovative and unique technology enhancements such as Optyon In-line Data Compression to maximize customers’ return on investment,” said Craig Tamlin, Australia and New Zealand country manager for Quantum. “We have worked closely with our customers to develop compression technology that, unlike software compression, is very beneficial to users.”</p>
<p>Quantum’s DX-Series systems are optimized for extremely fast and reliable backup and recovery operations. Independent research shows Quantum DX-Series customers enjoy an average return on investment of just 12 months and an increase of 200 percent in backup performance and 400 percent in recovery performance. In addition, users indicate a significant increase in restore reliability, with nearly all users achieving 100 percent recovery reliability with DX-Series.1 Quantum’s DX-Series easily integrates with any open systems physical tape library or tape drive and no special configuration or setup is required. The DX-Series complements tape libraries by allowing them to focus on archive operations.</p>
<p>Availability, Warranty and Pricing
Quantum is currently shipping Optyon compression as a simple field upgrade to existing customers with plans to ship the technology installed in DX-Series systems to new customers beginning in April 2005. New customers can choose to enable Optyon compression technology through a simple license key. Pricing is based upon the number of disk arrays included with each purchased system. Additional DX-Series feature enhancements are immediately available to existing customers through a firmware upgrade at no additional charge, and scheduled to ship standard with new DX-Series systems beginning in April 2005.
About Quantum
Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage, delivers highly reliable backup, recovery and archive solutions that meet demanding requirements for data integrity and availability with superior price/performance and comprehensive service and support. Quantum offers customers of all sizes an unparalleled range of solutions, from leading tape drive and media technologies, autoloaders and libraries to disk-based backup systems. Quantum is the world's largest volume supplier of both tape drives and tape automation and has pioneered the development of disk-based systems optimized for backup and recovery. Quantum Corp., 1650 Technology Drive, Suite 800, San Jose, CA 95110, (408) 944-4000,</p>
<p>1 Field Adoption Report: Disk-based Backup and Restore, the Quantum DX-Series. Taneja Group, May 2004.
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