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Linux and Open Source in Government Conference Announcement

  • 14 October, 2003 11:29

<p><b>AUUG announces the first annual Australian conference on Linux and
Open Source in Government to be held in January 2004 in Adelaide.</b></p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia -- 14 October, 2003 -- AUUG, the organisation for
UNIX and Open Source professionals, today announced  the first annual
Australian conference on Linux and Open Source in Government. The conference
is being jointly organised by AUUG and Linux Australia as a "miniconference"
of and will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, on 12 and
13 January 2004.  Titled "The Challenges", the conference will focus
on best practices, raise awareness and share experiences amongst Policy
Makers and IT officials. Participants will come from Government and public
departments, the academic sector, and local, national and international
Proposed topics for the conference include:
Demonstrations of Open Source Projects</li>
The Role of Open Source in Government</li>
Use of Open Source in State and Local Government</li>
Citizen-Centric eGovernment</li>
IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture</li>
Open Source Licenses and other Legal Issues</li>
Business Cases: Total Cost of Ownership</li>
Contemporary Security Issues</li>
Open Source and the Critical Information Infrastructure</li>
Open Source in the Military</li>
Open Source in Health Care and Bioinformatics</li>
Open Source Empowering People with Disabilities</li>
<b>Key Partners in the event:</b> Oracle.
"Linux and Open Source in Government 2004 - The Challenges" will be
held at The University Of Adelaide, 12 to 13 January 2004. More details
will be available at <a href=""></a>
The conference will take place within the framework of,
a major technical conference for open source developers, held in the same
precinct on subsequent days, January 14-16. is for
Linux, BSD and other related tools of the open source trade.  Registrants
for receive complimentary entry to "Linux and Open Source
in Government" and all other miniconfs being held in the same week.
Proposals for papers can be made to the programme committee (<a href=""></a>)
before 31 October 2003.
<p><b>About AUUG Incorporated</b>
<br/>AUUG Inc. is the Australian UNIX and Open Systems User Group, the organisation
for UNIX and Open Source professionals. Dating from 1975, AUUG is a national
body with chapters that organise local activities in most capital cities.
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