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  • 14 March, 2005 15:15

<p>~ Storage Appraisal Services to Enhance Storage Resource Optimisation and Information Lifecycle Management for Customers ~</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Aust. -- March 14, 2005 -- An enterprise storage infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest components. Identifying those components, however, isn't always easy.</p>
<p>StorageTek® (Storage Technology Corporation, NYSE:STK), the leading provider of enterprise information lifecycle management, today announced its Storage Appraisal service program designed to help customers gain a clear view into their end-to-end storage infrastructure, identify and solve problems before they arise, minimise the risks of system downtime and data loss, and maximise overall resource utilisation to secure the greatest possible return on their storage investments.</p>
<p>"A targeted, onsite storage infrastructure appraisal is the first step toward realising the full benefits of information lifecycle management," Philip Belcher, Managing Director for StorageTek Australia / New Zealand. "By helping our customers better understand their storage resources and usage patterns and helping them classify their information for better management, we can enable them to proactively improve their primary storage productivity, simplify backup and recovery, and enable flexible compliance and archiving architectures into the future."</p>
<p>With StorageTek's Storage Appraisal services, customers can gain the following benefits:</p>
<p>IMPROVE MANAGEMENT: Obtain detailed analyses of multiple aspects of their storage environments in a consolidated, actionable format without putting extra burdens on IT staff. Storage Appraisals provide customers with an analysis of their information based on data type and aging patterns, enabling them to optimise the storage of data based on its value to their business throughout the information lifecycle and reduce their total cost of storage.</p>
<p>RECAPTURE RESOURCES AND MINIMISE WASTE: Identify resource underutilisation and opportunities to optimise resource utilisation with existing IT assets and staff. Having this data also enables customers to focus their future storage investments on areas where there are critical needs.</p>
<p>REDUCE RISK: Identify and minimise business continuity exposure and compliance lapses caused by mismanagement of information and failing backups. By minimising system downtime and data loss, IT managers can directly impact their businesses' bottom lines and help to preclude sanctions associated with regulatory compliance failures.</p>
<p>ENHANCE DECISION-MAKING: Make decisions based on facts, not assumptions, about their storage infrastructure and management policies. With StorageTek's Storage Appraisal services, customers can base their planning on real data to avoid misguided allocations of their limited IT budgets.</p>
<p>With StorageTek's Storage Appraisal services, areas of analysis include backup and recovery operations, file-level storage resource management, database resource management, file system resource management, switch port utilisation, data duplication and throughput, and more. Information is gathered via advanced data collection tools as well as interviews with key staff members and is later captured in an executive presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations based on the formal assessment.</p>
<p>"The growth and importance of managing storage resources has led companies to realise the need for a trusted advisor to provide storage services," said Hamish Macarthur, Managing Director of Macarthur Stroud International. "With its Storage Appraisal services, StorageTek is helping its customers gain a greater understanding of their storage infrastructures so as to gain greater control over their storage resources and costs."</p>
<p>For more information about StorageTek's Storage Appraisal services, visit:</p>
StorageTek is a $US2 billion global company that enables businesses, through its information lifecycle management strategy, to align the cost of storage with the value of information. The company's innovative storage solutions manage the complexity and growth of information, lower costs, improve efficiency and protect investments. For more information, see</p>
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