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ACT Emergency Services Authority Chooses Plumtree Portal For Its Information Gateway

  • 03 December, 2004 10:39

<p>ACT Emergency Services Authority Chooses Plumtree Portal For Its Information Gateway</p>
<p>~ Plumtree Portal Project Designed and Deployed in 100 Days ~</p>
<p>CANBERRA, Australia, December 3, 2004 -- The ACT Emergency Services Commissioner, Peter Dunn AO, has announced that Plumtree Software has developed and implemented a portal to act as an information gateway for the ACT Emergency Services Authority.</p>
<p>The portal project was commenced four months ago, and the first phase implementation was planned, designed and deployed in just two months.</p>
<p>The Plumtree portal provides a single point of electronic access for all Emergency Services Authority information in the Australian Capital Territory, and will be tailored to meet user requirements for the authority and its four main agencies, the Fire Brigade, the Ambulance Service, the State Emergency Service and the Rural Fire Service.</p>
<p>"Technological improvements like this are a fantastic way to show the people of the region the lengths we will go to ensure they are protected by the best people, with only the very best technological support and procedures," said Commissioner Peter Dunn.</p>
<p>"Information sharing is something we have put on top of the list. The information that Emergency Services requires already exists in different formats in the different agencies, it's a matter of bringing it together in a central decision support environment so people can make more informed decisions."</p>
<p>The Plumtree portal will be the single desktop for the authority, providing a common workspace through which staff access all IT applications and information repositories. This maximises ease of use, minimises training requirements and ensures that IT skills are transferable, so that if staff move between related agencies in the ACT, the IT skills they have gained will move with them.</p>
<p>At the same time, the openness of Plumtree's portal framework to integrate a wide variety of systems means individual agencies will continue to have the flexibility to pick and choose the best applications for their unique requirements.</p>
<p>The ACT Emergency Services Authority conducted a thorough evaluation of several portal products and found Plumtree to offer the best all-round value for tax-payers' money with its robust platform, and the inclusion of a collaboration and content management capabilities out-of-the-box.</p>
<p>"Plumtree came to us with a highly professional and consultative approach, understood our needs very well and was able to demonstrate a solid track record for getting the job done on time and on budget," said Mr Dunn.</p>
<p>The Plumtree portal is having an immediate benefit in supporting collaboration both within and between agencies. The authority believes this will not only improve communications and co-ordination, but also provide better operational efficiency. Plumtree supports advanced workflow capabilities for example, so the authority can involve appropriate people in sign-off procedures. The portal also provides a central place for administrative tasks like scheduling leave, rather than requiring that each of the four agencies do it themselves.</p>
<p>The authority has already implemented collaboration features in the portal including community portlets, community discussion groups, sub-communities and project groups. The authority has made extensive use of Plumtree's security model, which makes it easy to share information broadly, within specified groups or communities, or just between one to two individuals.</p>
<p>Plumtree and local systems integrator Volante provided professional services to implement the portal and are providing ongoing enhancements. Hosting of the portal environment and ongoing technical support and maintenance of the infrastructure will be provided by InTACT, the insourced provider of computing and telecommunications services for the whole of the ACT Government.</p>
<p>"The ACT Emergency Services Authority shows how rapidly organisations can implement an effective information sharing framework with immediate benefits using Plumtree's Enterprise Web technologies," said Plumtree Principal Consultant &amp; Partner Enablement Manager, Adam Walters. "But there are also longer term benefits, with the authority using the portal's collaboration and workflow capabilities to drive improvements in operational efficiency."</p>
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