Schneider Electric On2016: The channel has become about collaboration

Schneider Electric On2016: The channel has become about collaboration

Increasing global need for power will require joint efforts to address

Schneider Electric general manager datacentre, Andrew Kirker

Schneider Electric general manager datacentre, Andrew Kirker

The increasing global need for energy means the partner community must collaborate more to achieve ever changing challenges.

That was the main message from Schneider Electric’s On 2016 conference held at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.

Schneider Electric vice-president of IT business, Joe Craparotta, said the event itself had morphed from a purely partner-focussed exercise into a more inclusive gathering, aimed at connecting partners with the rest of the channel but also to the customer and alliance base.

Craparotta began by reiterating Schneider’s mission statement that the world should have access to energy.

“This belief is so strong that it has seen us educate over 86,000 underprivileged people across the globe in energy management.”

He then spoke about the Schneider education program which allows retired staff of volunteers to work in programs in socio-economic areas of distress.

Craparotta related these initiatives to the changing global need for energy, and said urbanisation, digitisation and industrialisation were drastically increasing humanity’s appetite for energy and both business and governments needed to work to address the issue.

He said in the next five years, the connection of devices and devices to machines, and machines to people will increase the number of digitised assets at a ration of 20 to one.

“That will have a massive impact on how we design, build and support networking and datacentre infrastructure in the not too distant future.

Craparotta added that the industrialisation trend was one that Schneider was a part of and the impact of and contributed 30 per cent of the world’s energy consumption.

“We understand the operational technology that is required and how that impacts decisions made around datacentres and networking,” he said.

The theme for more efficient energy delivery was taken up by Schneider VP strategy and transformation, Preeti Bajaj, who said that by 2040, 40 of the world’s cities would be home to in excess of 20 million people.

According to Bajaj, this represented delivery issued that affected all industries, but in particular IT due to the number of connected devices deployed during the near future.

“We are now expected to build a digital building in parallel with a physical building,” she said.

“So those digital models can be connected to the things that are in those buildings and they can inform us about how we use those spaces and how we can use them more efficiently.”

She stressed the key facilitating this impending explosion of smart devices, buildings and cities was in datacentre infrastructure. Planning is the key, according to Bajaj.

Schneider Electric general manager datacentre, Andrew Kirker, said efficiency had become a key driver for the datacentre space and this reflected movements in the broader economy.

Kirker began talking about the change in the IT market and how this change is affecting the datacentre space, he offered some global figures of one minute on the Internet to support this.

“There are 138,000 videos downloaded every minute from YouTube, 276,000 Google searches and 38,000 App Store downloads every minute,” he said.

Kirker went on to highlight storage company Dropbox as a key indicator of global adoption of new Cloud-based technologies, saying 694,000 file saves were made every minute on the platform.

“The scary part of it is the revenue, Dropbox is making about $400 a minute,” he added.

Kirker said this change was reflected in the change in the datacentre space which has moved from a reliability and hardware protection, to environmental efficiency and then to the current focus on data protection.

He made a direct link between the increasing amount of data being created and shared, and the need to protect it.

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