Telstra spends $50 million on network recommendations

Telstra spends $50 million on network recommendations

Identifies three key outcomes that will see it spend $25 million on new network monitoring equipment and $25 million on expanding capacity

Telstra's Andrew Penn

Telstra's Andrew Penn

Telstra is committing an additional $50 million to implement new recommendations after conducting a review following recent mobile network disruptions.

The review process involved Telstra’s specialist teams, global experts from Ericsson, Juniper and Cisco, and an independent adviser, Tech Mahindra’s Dave Williams.

During the review, Telstra Chief Operations Officer, Kate McKenzie, said it had identified three key outcomes and will implement the recommendations.

“The first outcome is that we have confirmed the root causes of those disruptions and implemented a range of steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of these issues happening again,” McKenzie said.

As a result, the telco will increase redundancy in the nodes, add more capacity to the core network, introduce new processes and procedures for key network element restarts and improve resilience in its international connectivity.

McKenzie said the second outcome related to increased investment in Telstra’s network monitoring and tools, spending about $25 million on installing new monitoring equipment.

“We will be specifically introducing more real time traffic monitoring along with more real time customer impact reporting. This will assist in getting better early warning of any traffic patterns in the network that might be a cause for concern,” she said.

The third action relates to improving Telstra’s recovery time for customers, however McKenzie did stress that due to the large scale and sophistication of the network, it can never guarantee that disruptions won’t happen from time-to-time.

“While our focus on the highest levels of reliability will continue to be relentless, we will also focus on being a world leader in the time to recovery when the unexpected happens,” she said.

“Essentially when a disruption occurs mobile users need to be re-registered or reconnected back onto the network. When large numbers of mobiles are trying to reconnect at the same time, there can be a delay in people being able to access the network.

“As a result, we are investing an additional $25 million increasing our capacity to handle a large number of re-registrations occurring simultaneously.”

During February and March, the telco suffered mobile network outages, impacting customer’s ability to make voice calls and use data. To compensate for the outage, the telco offered customers free data days.

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