AWS Partner Summit Sydney: Customers are begging for skilled partners

AWS Partner Summit Sydney: Customers are begging for skilled partners

Why specialisation is key to partner success.

AWS' Terry Wise addresses AWS Partner Summit Sydney. Photo: Chris Player

AWS' Terry Wise addresses AWS Partner Summit Sydney. Photo: Chris Player

Credit: ARN

Prior to the AWS Partner Summit in Sydney, Amazon Web Services determined that all attendees were feeling the rhythm, encouraged through a percussion performance from Inrhythm opening proceedings.

As such, the entire crowd were invited to take part in the experience with various noise-makers scattered throughout the audience, many of whom took the opportunity to get in the swing of things.

AWS head of channels and alliances Australia and New Zealand, Stefan Jansen, then took to the stage to speak business, discussing the diversity of the AWS partner network.

“The AWS team has worked hard to put together content that will be of value to partners and It has been a fantastic year for AWS, we ended in a tornado of customer adoption and interest," he said.

Jansen continued with the message that ran through last year's summit that Cloud is the new normal.

Also in attendance was AWS global vice-president of channels and alliances, Terry Wise, who is widely credited for building the AWS partner program - he began by giving credit to the team at AWS and, more importantly, the partner community.

Defining the partner opportunity with AWS

Wise said AWS customers were largely succeeding with the help of one or more partners and in Australia, these partnerships were breeding some of the most exciting uses of the AWS platform.

“Some of the biggest innovations that have happened in globally with AWS have come out of this market,” he said. “Many of the enterprise we have seen going all in on AWS, many of those trends have happened here first.

“You guys are pushing us in terms of the services and programs we are building.”

Wise went on to describe how all industries were adopting Cloud technologies, citing it as a "fantastic opportunity" for the local channel.

“We are seeing companies like Air BnB and Uber, built on the Cloud,” he said. “We are used to calling these companies start-ups, but they are not, they are the new enterprise.

“We are also seeing all enterprise aggressively adopting Cloud technologies to better serve their business and their customers. The market is accelerating and the change is happening faster than we have ever seen before almost in the history of IT."

Wise said AWS now had more than one million active customers, again, representing a key opportunity of growth for partners.

"These customers are looking for help in a variety of different ways," he said. "They are looking for software products they can deploy on the platform to serve various use cases.

"They are looking for systems integration and consulting partners that can help transition their business for the future whether that is bringing existing applications to AWS, building new applications or managing those applications."

For Wise, the most successful partners were those partnering with customers to up-skill staff on the AWS platform, evolving business and internal skill sets in the process.

Serving up the layer cake

“There is an opportunity to make a lot of money here if we are doing the right thing by customers,” Wise continued.

"There are many many different ways to make money whether you are a systems integrator or a consulting firm. Everything from strategy, to planning and total cost of ownership, to new application development, to offering third party applications on a resale model.

The AWS channels chief said there was a great migration opportunity across apps, infrastructure and database.

Wise also highlighted managed services, not just on the infrastructure side, "We have a lot of customers coming to us and asking to be put in touch with a partner that can manage and deliver the end to end stack.

“It is pretty common that many different layers of the cake are going to be outsourced to different partners. One might do infrastructure and managed services, one might do application managed services and one might do application development.

Wise added that one of the trends the company was seeing was that many enterprise customers were complaining that this process takes too long and was too complicated. He added that these customers were looking for one partner to manage the end to end stack and asking the Cloud vendor to help them identify those skilled partners.

“Of course, you can see from an economic perspective, the more of these layers of the cake you support, the larger the revenue opportunity,” he added.

“It's a massive opportunity here, there are many different ways to make money and the really great thing about it is that pretty much all of this is what many of us have been doing for decades.

“It is a little bit of a different operating model and a different technology stack but in terms of strategy and architecture, this stuff has been bread and butter.”

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