Consumer surveillance awareness grows and Internet trust dwindles

Consumer surveillance awareness grows and Internet trust dwindles

Particular concern surrounds personal data in the hands of government and private corporations

There is exponential concern amidst consumers regarding their online privacy and security, particularly when knowing that their personal data lies in the hands of government and private corporations.

A new global study, the 2016 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, surveyed 24,143 global users and found that 83 per cent of global citizens want new rules about how business, governments and other users can access and use personal data.

Also, 85 per cent believe their government should work in closely with other governments and organisations to ensure better Internet security and safety.

Only 30 per cent of respondents agreed that their government is doing enough to uphold data security and only 31 per cent agreed that private companies are working adequately to ensure data protection from governments.

The survey also found that a majority of global citizens (57 per cent) were more concerned about their online privacy in 2016 compared to one year ago with a mere 46 per cent trusting that their activity online was not monitored.

CIGI director of global security and politics program, Fen Hampson, said the centrality of trust in informing the attitudes of global citizens about Internet security was the most crucial finding of the survey.

“Internet users are expressing a clear lack of trust in the current set of rules and, more importantly, in the actors that oversee the sharing and use of personal data online,” he said.

“There is an overwhelming consensus among respondents that the Internet is everyone’s issue, and that no single actor or institution is absolved of responsibility or can be trusted more than others in the pursuit of its effective governance.”

Ipsos chief executive of global affairs, Darrell Bricker, said, “The results of the global survey demonstrate that the rules, actors and models of governance around how personal data is used online must change.”

“The survey data tells us that global citizens are increasingly uneasy and deeply concerned about the fact that no clear rules currently exist to hold actors such as national governments or private companies to account in the use and sharing of personal data online. As global citizens become more hesitant about their conduct online, there is a clear desire to see these actors cooperate in finding new, bold and innovative ways to govern the Internet,” he added.

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