Offis hires new CEO

Offis hires new CEO

Demoiseau previously spent 15 years with global bank BNP Paribas.

Offis CEO Franck Demoiseau

Offis CEO Franck Demoiseau

Offis Multi Cloud Services has hired Franck Demoiseau as its new CEO.

He replaces Chy Chuawiwat, who left in December to take up a new role as the regional director in Asia for Walden Farms International. He remains a non-executive director at Offis.

Demoiseau previously spent 15 years with global bank BNP Paribas.

Offis provides mission-critical cloud hosting with its own infrastructure based in Australia, but an increasing proportion of its business is in cloud service brokerage that involves consulting services, adaptable cloud strategies and management of the broader mix of cloud vendors and technologies.

“Businesses want the confidence of knowing that their digital strategy is not compromised by biased recommendations, vendor partnerships, or technical expediency,” Demoiseau said. “Instead, they need advice and assistance to manage and maximise the effectiveness of the digital landscape across all platforms and devices.”

With so much competition in the cloud hosting space, Demoiseau predicts it is ripe for disruption.

“The usual provider claims about uptime, performance, redundancy, support, and so on, are the absolute minimum expectations of customers. The technology already ensures this. So it’s not much of a value add to promise that a cloud service won’t fail quite as often as the competition does,” he said. “In a constantly evolving cloud marketplace, a business’ competitive advantage relies on using that technology in more effective and cost efficient ways, while avoiding vendor lock-in and future-proofing their investment.”

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