Cyber security, Cloud, and industrial Internet to run 2016: Telstra

Cyber security, Cloud, and industrial Internet to run 2016: Telstra

Its CTO, Vish Nandlall, shares his top five enterprise technology trends for 2016

Cyber security, Cloud, and industrial Internet to run 2016: Telstra

Cyber security, Cloud, and industrial Internet to run 2016: Telstra

As we head into a new year, many industry leaders predict the trends that will shape 2016. Telstra chief technology officer, Vish Nandlall, has shared his top five enterprise technology trends for the year. According to Nandlall, cyber security, the hybrid Cloud, industrial Internet, unified collaboration, and software-defined WANs will drive the new year.

Nandlall said a necessary prerequisite for much of the future development around automation and connectedness, is security.

“While much has been made of IoT-related risks to physical wellbeing (Forrester, for example, predicts the first health device ransomware attempts will be done next year), the more likely outcome is compromise of devices and equipment for financial benefit of the criminals,” he said.

As for the hybrid Cloud, Nandlall claimed we’re moving away from a world where it’s just about private enterprise Clouds built in private datacentres, and the public Cloud, which is built on someone else’s datacentres towards an intelligent approach.

“Do I put all the e-commerce back ends for my web assets in the public Cloud? Do I keep all my customer data inside my system of record inside my private IT clouds? These types of decisions are now available because we have consistent reference infrastructures between private and public that are now available, allowing us to move seamlessly across them.”

But he claimed the slow part and friction is in the network that connects them – this is what will be different in 2016.

“We’re developing networks that are as flexible as the Cloud environments where we’re running our applications. These networks can automatically spin up and provision the types of capacity that I need for my enterprise permitted into the public Cloud, from the public Cloud to the private Cloud.

“This is giving us a whole new set of flexible toolkits to manage what my IT environment will look like in 2016 and beyond,” he said.

In terms of the industrial Internet, he mentioned that even more so than in consumer devices and solutions, the security of the Industrial Internet is paramount and that there are concerns of the growing number of attempted and successful remote attacks on critical infrastructure abound.

According to Nandlall, instrumenting ‘everything’ and analysing the results will help industries increase efficiencies, reduce costs and operate in more flexible and agile manners – in the process, all industrial companies are turning into software and analytics companies.

Software-defined WANs and application-centric networks in IT are also expected to define 2016. Nandlall said driven by the need to manage increasingly complex networks efficiently, lower costs and the need for more flexibility and agility, networks are becoming software-defined as well – along with the adoption of more modern and suitable development methodologies such as DevOps.

He also spoke about the need for unified collaboration as he claimed collaboration tools have not been a particularly strong point for many enterprises, despite increasing need for collaboration across different units, cities, countries, entities and even continents.

“Cloud-based collaboration tools offer a way to ease some of this pain – and also a way to reduce Shadow IT operations,” he added.

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