Australian business, MyWave, launches Europe subsidiary

Australian business, MyWave, launches Europe subsidiary

Extends reach beyond local borders

Australian business, MyWave, launches Europe subsidiary

Australian business, MyWave, launches Europe subsidiary

Melbourne-based intelligent assistant company, MyWave, has launched in Europe, following its US launch in October. Former eBay customer service executive, Wally Brill, has been hired as the company’s vice-president and chief evangelist.

Brill will be overseeing the subsidiary.

MyWave founder and CEO, Geraldine McBride, said the company decided to branch out its operations as the personal data revolution is now underway. According to recent forecasts, she said, In the UK alone the personal data revolution will add $GBP16.5 billion in new value.

McBride also said initiatives such as PSD2 (revised Payments Services Directive, due for implementation in the UK and EU by 2017) will fuel the personal information economy. The PSD2 initiative will see the opening of data silos and secure sharing of data via APIs between brands, with transparency and permission by consumers.

She also spoke of payments providers, which she claimed will move beyond their traditional boundaries and create deeper relationships with customers. She said merchant-funded reward schemes and relevant location-based offers under the control/permission of the consumer will flourish and that new and complex ecosystem partnerships will be enabled between banks, telecommunication companies, retailers, outside financial institutions, utilities, technology firms and other digital players.

“This will create new end-to-end outcomes for consumers making their lives easier and unlocking new value-added services for business growth,” she said.

McBride also emphasised the importance of the “norms of human relationships,” whereby consumers control access to their personal information in conjunction with brands, and share that information with transparency and permission, under their control.

“The current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach, used by most businesses and Intelligent Assistant companies today will be rejected by digitally-empowered consumers who no longer consider themselves to be ‘passive participants’ at the very end of the sales cycle,” McBride said.

“Relationships between brands and consumers need to be centred around permission to share information, and that permission must be based on trust, respect, and a two-way conversation that provides mutual value to the consumer and the brand.

“This is the basis for the personal data revolution, and only intelligent assistants that respect these norms of human relationships will prosper in today’s digital economy,” McBride said.

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