Cool Yule Tools for Play

Cool Yule Tools for Play

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Perfect Bake cooking system


The Perfect Bake system includes a cooking scale, three mixing bowls and an oven thermometer, but the real innovation is how it connects to an app to provide budding chefs with the right amount of ingredients for their recipes.

By connecting the scale to the app, users can follow step-by-step directions to create lots of cool recipes. The scale will know exactly how much of the ingredient you’ll need to put in, eliminating the need for specific measuring cups or spoons. If you can’t remember the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, have no fear – the scale will let you know.

The app is also very adaptable – if you have too much or too little of a specific ingredient, the app will adjust the recipe to change the amounts of the other ingredients so you don’t screw it all up. Another cool feature – if you’re checking your cupboard and discover that you don’t have a particular ingredient, you can see if an alternative ingredient is available for the recipe.

You can also change the recipes based on the number of items you want (for example, if you want 24 cookies instead of 18), or change it based on the type of cooking pan you have available (like if you need to cook in an oval pan instead of a square).

The app includes hundreds of recipes, and also includes a shopping list creator, as well as timers for mixing, baking and cooling. The Pro version of the system ($99.99) includes a stainless steel scale (which also can be used as a stand-alone scale), and Bluetooth connectivity to the tablet/phone.

For the baker on your list (or someone younger who you want to start on the road to baking), this app-enabled system is a perfect gift option.

-- Writeup by Keith Shaw

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