Too much vital personal information stored on phones: Kaspersky Lab

Too much vital personal information stored on phones: Kaspersky Lab

13 per cent take no privacy precautions at all

Unsurprisingly, 87 per cent of people store vital personal information on smartphones such as passwords, messages, photos, contacts and files, according to a recent survey commissioned by Kaspersky Lab.

Additionally, 42 per cent have shared their online contact details or a picture of themselves, 30 per cent have revealed their date of birth or address and up to a fifth have shared explicit content.

However, despite these high figures, results from the survey revealed a mere 36 per cent of respondents implement strong privacy settings on personal devices and 13 per cent do not take any precautions at all.

The study was conducted online by B2B International in June 2015 and a total of 12,355 people aged between 16 and 55 were surveyed, equally split between men and women.

One in four respondents reported their device carried sensitive information, but still used it most places including work (52 per cent), in a car (41 per cent), on public transport (39 per cent), in bed (58 per cent) and even in the bathroom (29 per cent).

Results also revealed that 45 per cent of respondents have encountered malware and 44 per cent say they know of others who have been affected. Additionally, 25 per cent have experienced hacking and 48 per cent have experienced a financial threat.

The survey also revealed concerns in regards to children. It was discovered that half of parents believe online threats to children are increasing, yet 20 per cent take no specific action to keep them safe.

Also, 52 per cent of adults worry that older relatives do not know how to protect themselves from malware (52 per cent), online scams (50 per cent) and theft (45 per cent).

According to Kaspersky Lab, public WiFi is an issue with 13 per cent of respondents reporting they use it to log onto websites and accounts and 8 per cent use it to shop or bank online.

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