5 for 15: Ashley Howden, KJR chief executive

5 for 15: Ashley Howden, KJR chief executive

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders

Ashley Howden, KJR chief executive

Ashley Howden, KJR chief executive

Key channel plays for 2015

With digital transformation as the catch-cry for most corporates in A/NZ, we’re seeing greater convergence between marketing and IT functions. Historically, these haven’t played nicely together so any offering that can help navigate them towards alignment of vision will be welcomed with open arms.

Key technology for 2015

The foundations of digital transformation are mobile, Big Data and Cloud – investing in these areas will enable organisations to meet the ever-increasing demands of clients, consumers and citizens. Think mobile first and support it through portability and scalability of data, insights and personalisation.

Key message to the channel for 2015

Embrace a greater risk appetite. The greatest risk is doing nothing, so be prepared to experiment, fail and learn. The iterative approach is also going to reduce your risk of doing completely the wrong thing

Key warning to the channel for 2015

Don’t be complacent. Double-digit growth is admirable in the short term, but with game changing technologies both product and service businesses alike have the potential to be eaten alive by the exponential growth of new entities with revolutionary business models. When one player compresses the value chain in a market, whole sub-sectors can disappear. Think of film houses in the old school days on publishing; print-ready PDFs and direct-to-plate technologies killed off an entire industry almost overnight

Key to your company’s success in 2015

Building a movement around our brand. We’ve historically been one of the best-kept secrets of the Australian IT landscape. Our ability to leverage our 20-year history in market to generate more visibility has been, and will be, the secret to our future success

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