iPhone case review: Leathery goodness

iPhone case review: Leathery goodness

Review: Three iPhone case makers sent me samples over the past month that all might appeal to the fashionista set, or really just anyone who wants to look good while texting, Web surfing or paying by phone.

While I’m all about encasing my Apple iPhone 6S in the sturdiest, most rubbery protector I can find and afford, I realize others are much more into style.

Three case makers sent me samples over the past month that all might appeal to the fashionista set, or really just anyone who wants to look good while texting, Web surfing or paying by phone.

All three iPhone cases are made with leather, so PETA members beware. 

Danny P. iPhone 6/6S Wallet Case

This case certainly makes the boldest statement of the three products that came my way, as it is a beautiful combination wallet and phone case made from Italian leather. It even came in a handsome cardboard envelope, complete with a wax seal.

Danny P. iphone case Bob Brown, NetworkWorld

Special delivery from Danny P.

My version came in light brown on the outside and dark blue on the inside, where it includes a roughly form-fitting pouch for the phone, with a notch carved out so that you can access the Touch ID button for using Apple Pay without removing the phone.

The product features 5 slots for credit, etc., cards, plus 2 openings for money and receipts or whatever else you might carry. So yes, those of you with George Costanza wallets could fill it up quite a bit. The dimensions are 5.75 x3.7 x 0.55 inches.

Danny P iphone wallet case Danny P.

Danny P. iPhone wallet case

The case, which also comes in black and dark brown, is listed for $129. So if you’re looking for a product that can spare you from filling up two separate pants pockets with your wallet and phone, this could be the case for you.

Danny P. also makes cases for Macbooks and iPads.

Nodus iPhone Access Case

Nodus sent me a “luxurious Italian leather” case that fits the iPhone 5S and earlier models. While not a full-blown wallet case, it does sandwich your phone and includes a slot for storing cards, money or whatever else of that size.

The outside of the case, which folds in half, is firm and covered with leather. Inside, the case mainly consists of microfiber lining and what Nodus calls its microsuction surface, which essentially sticks your phone to the inside of the case (the company's logo, adorably, is an octopus). A small microsuction pad also seals the case, though the case cover easily peels away from the phone for access. Nodus says the microsuction pads (a bunch of tiny suction cups) can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

nodus shop access iphone case Nodus

Nodus Access Case spreads out

It did make me a little nervous that the phone would become detached from the main microsuction pad, but in testing it briefly with someone else’s iPhone 5 (I know, nice guy…), the phone did appear to remain solidly stuck to it.

Nodus also makes Access Cases for Apple’s 6 and 6S phones, as well as for iPad Mini and iPad Air.

Nodus, a two-year-old outfit based in the U.K., sells the Access case for about $54, though its newer models go for $76. My case came in chestnut brown, but black and yellow are also available.

Grovemade Walnut & Leather iPhone Case

This Portland, Ore., company’s lightweight wood and “vegetable-tanned leather” offering feels like a traditional iPhone case but is distinct in its style. The leather wraps around the front and back, while the wood covers the edges and insides. Even the volume and power buttons are made of wood. Grovemade says its leather has been minimally treated, practically inviting the case to gain a worn, unique look over time.

The case can fold flat over the phone, or be finagled with to provide a stand as well. I didn't get any splinters when I tried this, so it was fun.

Grovemade iphone case Bob Brown, NetworkWorld

Grovemade case: Use your origami skills and turn it into an iPhone stand

Dimensions for the 6/6S case are 5.7 x 3 x 0.5 inches, and a 6 Plus/6S Plus model is also available. 

The case is priced at $129. 

Grovemade also makes phone and Macbook docks, as well as iPad cases.

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