Australasian Memory seeks to redefine itself

Australasian Memory seeks to redefine itself

Australasian Memory (AM) is serious about changing its industry profile of being just a memory distributor. Following a recently announced agreement with Compaq, AM is aiming to make it common knowledge that its product distribution reach has stretched to the storage, communications and networking markets.

The agreement with Compaq, which was struck in May, has seen Australasian Memory become the Options range distributor of Compaq's products throughout most parts of South East Asia.

Compaq's Options line includes storage products such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives and tape cartridges, communication products such as LAN cards and miscellaneous products including the scanner keyboard, docking stations, and MultiBay expansion bases.

"The name Australasian Memory is somewhat misleading. We are a distributor and we are trying not to be anything other than a value-added focus distributor of memory, storage, communications and networking," said Barry Amor, Australasian Memory's managing director.

While Australasian Memory says it will provide a "world first" additional inventory of Compaq's Options to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and India, here in Australia Compaq still holds the reins. However, this may change depending on Australasian Memory's success in the ASEAN countries. "The reason for Compaq going for that region is that its connect rate was lower than a world average. In Australia it is currently operating above that average. Here, it goes through its reseller channel," Amor said.

"We would like to be the exclusive distributor in Australia, but we don't have an agreement to that effect at the moment. It is a possibility. The agreement in Asia is the first of its kind. We are the first Options distributor for Compaq worldwide, so to a certain extent it will depend on how we perform in Asia."

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