LogicNow invests $US10m in new platform for managed service providers

LogicNow invests $US10m in new platform for managed service providers

Named LogicCards, the solution delves into data analytics and machine learning

LogicNow invests $US10m in new platform for managed service providers

LogicNow invests $US10m in new platform for managed service providers

Integrated Cloud-based IT service management company, LogicNow, has invested $US10 million in a new platform for managed service providers.

Named LogicCards, it aims to fundamentally change the way in which MSPs deliver service to their clients by giving them access to real-time data-driven insights derived from data points collected from devices that depend on the MAX Remote Management platform.

It delivers trends and predictive insights that enable MSPs to detect and predict critical factors such as device failure, business opportunity and security threats. These notification ‘cards’ will be complemented by industry intelligence cards and educational and informational content.

The collective intelligence delivered through LogicCards enables MSPs to improve services and increase the value they provide without the huge investments and timescales that data analytics and machine learning on this scale demand.

LogicNow Asia-Pacific regional sales manager, Kris Hansen, said the combination of its large scale global community of MSPs and its fully Cloud-based architecture put it in a unique position to deliver this capability, which would otherwise be out of reach to its customers.

“We spend more time in helping people grow businesses. For us, it’s all about staying close to our partners. Customers have to feel like they’re paying people to keep things running instead of paying them to fix things,” he said.

Hansen claimed the ability to automatically apply complex mathematical calculations to Big Data, faster and repeatedly, is a relatively new development that is ushering in the next evolution of managed services provision.

“When these calculations are combined with analytics tools, service providers are able to deliver substantial business value for customers, with new, intelligent insights and strategies.

“This results in new revenue streams and strategic business opportunities for Australian channel businesses, as they can now identify industry trends, predict potential issues for customers, and work together to solve them before they occur,” he said.

According to Hansen, it flags broader issues but also predicts what businesses need to upgrade before they break based on a failure rate.

“We can trend out specific hardware and software that’s destined to fail with actual data that shows previous data that it has failed. Our partners can update their customers with what’s about to break so they will know exactly where they should focus their attention on.

“It may look like simple notifications but they are things that businesses need to think about. We’re trying to bring Big Data analytics to SMBs and help them become bigger,” he added. This is what the company will be focusing on in the coming years.

Hansen also claimed the company has seen the adoption of its solutions in verticals such as education, legal services and rural services. But he added that its growth is not just limited to those verticals.

“We think more in terms of deployment time. Any vertical where there are distributed sites. Because we have that one concentration dashboard – a single pane of glass – it doesn’t matter where everybody is,” he said.

The channel can also expect the company to focus on expanding its delivery offerings and making tweaks to its solutions to improve security and deliver what customers want in the coming months.

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