iWebGate preps itself for growth

iWebGate preps itself for growth

Intends on making big moves in the security space

iWebGate preps itself for growth

iWebGate preps itself for growth

Perth-based security player, iWebGate (ASX:IWG), has growth in its vision for the next few years. iWebGate managing director, Mark Harrell, said its product set is tailored for the end customer’s needs in mind and focuses on security, productivity, and connectivity.

“With everything shifting to the Cloud, customers want deployment in minutes as compared to days or even weeks. iWebGate turned what was once a hard tech function into an admin function and we take enterprise-friendly solutions and make it enterprise-ready so armed with that, businesses can seamlessly move along with their operations,” he said.

And the channel is a key part of the company’s growth strategy. According to Harrell, its channel is made of small businesses so taking on a product with monthly revenues, no restriction on margins and minimal training is appealing to the partner.

“We don’t go direct to market. What we’re noticing now is that with the channel, customers are becoming more aware of what’s available and end-customers are demanding more from the business.

“The message is now what’s in it for the customer and partner- it’s not all about technology anymore. So we’re focusing on webinars, lunch and learns, workshops, and training with our partners because we’re signing up partners on a daily basis and they need that training.”

Harrell also indicated that its recent partnership with Telstra has opened up opportunities for the company in Europe, UK, and the US. He indicated iWebGate is close to launching a UK operations and signing up with major telco there, as well as a partnership with a telco in the US.

“The size of the Telstra opportunity is huge – they have global plans and we can piggyback on top of that. But we’re also in discussions with other telcos because a universal problem for telcos is to stop being a commodity and start offering value to the customer,” he claimed.

“Our footprint in these areas will be very ISP focused in the early days.”

The company has been active in verticals such as law firms and superannuation and accounting, as well as mining and resources but intends on extending its reach to other avenues, such as insurance companies, as well.

Harrell added that it also intends on getting its name out globally as a company with a big security play.

“With security, the focus should be more on the benefits it brings to a company instead of harping on scaring people with what will happen if they don’t get security. That’s the path we intend to take.

“At the moment, we’re relying on the strength of our partner as being the validation of trust so we’ve got to get that to the point where iWebGate is seen as the security or connectivity product. That will be done through alliances. We need more than firewalls and anti-virus,” he said.

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