VMworld 2015: VMware’s vision is to transform the datacentre, says Eschenbach

VMworld 2015: VMware’s vision is to transform the datacentre, says Eschenbach

Claims the best way forward is having a hybrid Cloud platform

VMware president and CEO, Carl Eschenbach.

VMware president and CEO, Carl Eschenbach.

VMware aims to transform the datacentre and virtualise 100 per cent of workloads. And to do that, it aims to enable a true hybrid Cloud platform, according to its president and CEO, Carl Eschenbach.

He was speaking at a keynote session of VMworld 2015 event by VMware.

Eschenbach claimed in terms of the Cloud and datacentres, businesses, partners and customers face similar challenges all around the world.

“All of you are asked to go faster. You aren’t going fast enough. You’re asked to continually be innovative and stay ahead of the curve. You’re asked to drive employee productivity and make sure they do it not across just IT but across industries. However, there’s a gap in talent.

“Even in security – when you think technology is secure enough, they need to be more secure. We’re also asked each and every day to reduce costs and help drive top line revenue growth. The demands we see on you are increasing each and every day,” he said.

However, according to Eschenbach, there are opportunities available.

“What if we could address all these challenges and focus on the opportunities? What if we could run, build, deliver, and secure any application at anytime and at any place?” he questioned.

As a result, he claimed VMware will be focusing on four key areas in the coming months – running a true hybrid Cloud platform, building and embracing traditional applications to transform business, delivering any application on any device with its end-user competing solutions, and accelerating networking and security from datacentre to device.

“We have a commitment to offering our partners freedom, flexibility and choice and we will be taking a two-pronged approach to support containers in Cloud native applications. In the end, we want to give you the ability to choose the technology, architecture, platform, app and device and we are here to help engage with you.”

According to Eschenbach, the best way to offer freedom, flexibility and choice is through a one Cloud, any application, on any device architecture.

“When we talk about one Cloud, we mean we want to partner with you to provide a seamless integration between your private Cloud, public Clouds, and managed service Cloud to create a unified hybrid Cloud,” he said.

He mentioned having a unified hybrid Cloud lets users use a single Cloud management platform to automate delivery of all applications both on-premise and off-premise.

“The distinction between them both is now eliminated. It gives us the ability to build, run or develop any application, whether on-premise or off premise. It’s all about the applications so that’s why we need to support traditional applications.

“And we know application delivery models are changing, which is why we need to support new technologies like Cloud native applications. When we bring this all together, we see the formation of the architecture for IT and it starts with the notion of one Cloud,” Eschenbach said.

He also added that businesses have to adopt change now to support and transform their businesses going forward.

“Ask yourselves what do we as business leaders need to be prepared for in the next five years? Ask yourselves, are you ready for anything? Individually, probably not but together we are,” he concluded.

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