Samsung readies rollout of 144Mb Direct RDRAM

Samsung readies rollout of 144Mb Direct RDRAM

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed a 144Mb Direct Rambus DRAM and RIMM memory module. That keeps Samsung, the DRAM industry sales leader, ahead of the other Direct RDRAM suppliers, including Micron Technology, which recently received $US500 million from Intel to bring Direct RDRAM into production.

Samsung introduced a 72Mb Direct Rambus DRAM in July.

Once semiconductor and PC-related companies evaluate samples of Samsung's 144Mb Direct RDRAM, demand will grow quickly, the company projects. Samsung will begin producing 100,000 of the new devices a month from the beginning of next year, and plans to ramp production to 1 million units in the third quarter.

In 1998, 100MHz synchronous DRAM, known as PC-100 SDRAM, has been the most common main memory component. Next year, Rambus modules will begin replacing PC-100 SDRAMs.

Samsung makes its 144Mb Direct RDRAM with a 0.23-micron process technology. The chips can process data at up to 1.6GBps, some 10 times faster than today's SDRAM.

Samsung is using a micro ball grid array (BGA) package for its new device, which reduces size and weight, makes it easier to install, and helps companies design information products that are smaller and easier to carry, officials said.

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