Data backup is critical in the storage space: Synology

Data backup is critical in the storage space: Synology

In a Cloud and datacentre driven world, backup is essential

Data backup is critical in the storage space: Synology

Data backup is critical in the storage space: Synology

Cloud and datacentre infrastructure tops the list in Australia when it comes to discussions around the future of storage for businesses in the region. And to be a part of that world, backup is priority. That was the key message from Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers vendor, Synology global product manager, Michael Wang.

“Traditional IT businesses are investing more to move their products and services on to the Cloud. This has resulted in Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) becoming a trend in Australia but it also brings about a number of challenges,” he said.

Wang highlighted that data storage and backup is one of the key concerns as a result of this movement to IaaS, and the fact that IaaS is still dominated by a few global providers means that smaller vendors are facing “brutal competitive dynamics”.

“IaaS might not be as reliable for smaller businesses, especially if it’s difficult to maintain security, maintain the access rights, or have enough storage.

“Risk management is important too – but about 66 per cent of Australian CIOs aren’t keeping up to that change. It’s not safe to keep all company information on a public Cloud service, it is important to have your own Cloud with your own storage risk management and data protection plan.”

In trying to improve scalability, performance, and point-in-time data backup for enterprises, Synology has launched its RC18015xs+ and RXD1215sas solutions. These servers feature a high-availability cluster design, scalability of up to 180 drives or 1PB with RXD1215sas, snapshot technology for point-in-time data recovery, and next-gen storage efficiency.

“For today’s businesses, maintaining server uptime is the key to ensuring maximum productivity and minimised costs. The high-availability cluster design of RC18015xs+ and RXD1215sas is for enterprises seeking nonstop business continuity, scalability, and comprehensive data protection tools,” Wang mentioned.

Distributor of Synology, Silicon Memory’s technical sales manager, Alf Nguyen, claimed 90 per cent of the data currently available has been created over the last two years, further stressing the need for such technologies.

“This data needs to be backed up to in-house systems, and therefore these devices are a cost-effective alternative given the high cost of servers from the bigger brands,” he said.

Reseller and Cloud service provider for Synology, The Digital Foundry’s technical solutions administrator, Steve Gordon, added the reseller channel can benefit from offering Cloud services for these solutions.

“SMBs don’t really have a huge budget for huge storage capacities, so to offer them all these solutions and services out of one box, makes it customisable and flexible for them.” Gordon also said the Digital Foundry will be focusing its efforts into the legal, financial, construction, and hospitality verticals.

Pricing for the complete set, which features two RC18015xs+ and a RXD121sas starts from $14,000. Customers can purchase individual RXD1215sas units only as expansions. Pricing for the RC18015xs+ (controller) starts from $4800 and pricing for RXD1215sas starts from $4400.

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