Using public Wi-Fi puts Aussie mobile users at risk of privacy loss: Avast

Using public Wi-Fi puts Aussie mobile users at risk of privacy loss: Avast

Claims 82 per cent of local mobile users are at risk

Using public Wi-Fi puts Aussie mobile users at risk of privacy loss: Avast

Using public Wi-Fi puts Aussie mobile users at risk of privacy loss: Avast

Getting on a public Wi-Fi network poses security threats that many Australian mobile users haven’t thought of, according to security vendor, Avast Software.

In a recent study conducted by the company, it found that 82 per cent of Australians prefer to join unprotected Wi-Fi networks over secure networks that require a password, putting them at risk of privacy loss.

This study, which surveyed more than 2600 Australians, also found 61 per cent of respondents never or only sometimes turn off their Wi-Fi transmitters, leaving a wide window for hackers to access their personal information.

According to Avast CEO, Vince Steckler, as mobile Cloud storage becomes more popular and with more people seeking open Wi-Fi networks, businesses and consumers are at risk of compromising sensitive data.

“The majority of Australians don’t realise that all the personal information on their mobile devices become defenceless over public Wi-Fi if used without protection. These networks create an easy entry point for hackers to attack millions of Australian consumers on a daily basis,” he said.

As such, the company’s launched its Avast SecureLine VPN solution that protects users’ Internet connections with encryption and hides IP addresses. It is available for as a free download for Android and iOS mobile users.

In addition, Avast will soon launch its free Avast SecureMe app for iOS users to identify vulnerabilities in routers that users connect to.

Avast has also launched its Avast for Business solution, a free Cloud-managed security offering for SMBs to protect themselves from viruses and cyber-attacks.

Some of its features include: anti-virus protection, a Web-based management console, a reporting and alerting engine, as well as cross platform support. If SMBs are after advanced requirements, such as firewalls, anti-spam, and Exchange or Sharepoint protection, they can purchase its add-ons.

According to Avast chief operating officer, Ondrej Vlcek, businesses will be able to monitor, manage, and protect devices from anywhere and at any time with this Cloud-management console.

“Most of these businesses, especially on the lower end of the SMB scale, don’t have a dedicated IT department or security personnel. So they need a product that will do everything for them on its own, and this install and forget product helps them with that,” he claimed.

For now, the company’s looking to target verticals such as the local government, education, as well as non-profit sectors with the Avast for Business solution.

Steckler also said the company is looking to soon introduce programs in late 2015 so that the MSPs and reseller channel can leverage on these solutions.

“They can do service on top of our offerings, or a paid product on top of it. It will also be a platform to plug in other unrelated products in the near future so they can offer a portfolio of security offerings,” he added.

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