Kiwis score point-of-sale world first

Kiwis score point-of-sale world first

A large group of New Zealand retailers are using what is believed to be a world first point-of-sale (POS) system built on Microsoft's Active Store framework. Active Store tackles issues such as a common look-and-feel, system navigation, a common cross application alert/event architecture, shared data elements, common security, common help and a set of inter-application messages of major events.

Clothing chain Hallensteins is trialling the activePOS system from Auckland Software.

The developers of the product have a background in retail development, having built such systems as IRDOSS POS used by retailers Smith & Caugheys, Stevens for Gifts, Overland Footwear, Pumpkin Patch, and Doyles.

Benefits that activePOS brings to Hallensteins are easy customisation, allowing the retail chain to implement its own specialised business rules, a move away from proprietary to an industry-standard environment, and the possibility to introduce customer loyalty schemes at the POS, improved time management systems, improved labour planning, payroll integration and training.

Finance director at Hallensteins, Graeme Popplewell says it will also be possible to make proactive use of the Web, initially for e-mail and head office-based support for store systems.

"We expect the POS to become a transparent resource to head office staff using browser based reporting and ZAW [zero administration Windows - part of Windows NT 5.0] tools."

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