Oracle, Siebel fall apart

Oracle, Siebel fall apart

The partnership between database vendor Oracle and CRM vendor Siebel Systems has collapsed in acrimony, with a Siebel executive accusing Oracle of setting out to destroy his company.

In a strongly worded letter to Oracle president Ray Lane, Siebel vice president of alliances, Bruce Cleveland, took issue with Lane for allegedly telling Oracle staff that Siebel has been placed on a "most wanted" list and for boasting about the database vendor's strategy of confusing organisations by calling them partners.

Cleveland said he came by the information through an e-mail leaked by an Oracle employee.

He also accused Oracle management of publicly declaring that its goal is to "attack", "wound", and "kill" Siebel. His letter was forwarded to 5000 Oracle partners and resellers around the world.

Cleveland said that he has not received a reply from Lane and the relationship between the two vendors is over.

"Although we have many customers who use the Oracle DBMS (database management system) as a result of Siebel recommending Oracle over other DBMSes from 1993 to 1998, we are no longer an Oracle partner and have established strategic relationships with Microsoft and IBM instead," he said.

Oracle in the US has declined to respond to the letter.

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