Splunk Live!: Data has multiple uses which the channel can tap into

Splunk Live!: Data has multiple uses which the channel can tap into

Addresses the importance of analytics, mobile applications, and security

Splunk Live!: Data has multiple uses which the channel can tap into, Splunk says

Splunk Live!: Data has multiple uses which the channel can tap into, Splunk says

The emergence of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the rise of data and the need for analytics and services around this boom. That was the key message from Splunk Big Data and operational intelligence director of product management, Clint Sharp.

He was speaking at the keynote session of its Splunk Live! event in Sydney.

“The same data works well for multiple use cases. If you’re talking to a database person, systems person, a network person, or even someone in charge of applications, the analytics of it allows you to bring all the data together and unify all the silos and stacks,” he said.

Sharp mentioned that data analytics from the Cloud to desktops to applications was a powerful language that allows businesses to answer statistical questions. But he also mentioned that security around this is a key aspect that the channel should be involved in.

“We didn’t really plan to go into the security market but it turns out that as we started down that path, we should embrace it as an opportunity and develop products in that area. Also, we rely on our channel eco-system to help support us in that space,” Sharp said.

Splunk mobile intelligence director of product management, Panos Papadupoulos, who also spoke at the keynote session, highlighted the trend of growth within the applications space. He said many of the company’s customers predominantly use mobile devices, leading to the need for a more reliable mobile network.

“Businesses need to increase their investment into mobile as everyone’s using it for everything. Data is even moving from being stored in datacenters to now being on a mobile device.”

But he also said that there are many challenges when it comes to delivering solutions via a mobile application. Infrastructure, the analytics of it, the rapid app development cycles, as well as form factor, platform, and a variety in interaction styles are some he mentioned.

“Different devices on different operating systems will affect the performance of an app, and that’s just one of the problems. There are a lot of complexities around it and the last thing you want is for the customer to have a negative mobile experience,” he claimed.

As such, Sharp added these are some of the areas that the channel can bank on.

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