5 For 15: Elizabeth Parsons, A/NZ Business Development Manager, Imation Mobile Security (IronKey)

5 For 15: Elizabeth Parsons, A/NZ Business Development Manager, Imation Mobile Security (IronKey)

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders

Imation Mobile Security (IronKey) A/NZ business development manager, Elizabeth Parsons

Imation Mobile Security (IronKey) A/NZ business development manager, Elizabeth Parsons

1. Key channel plays for 2015

Data security is a priority. The growing reliance on mobile working and increasing risks to the endpoint will mean that companies who do not make a serious commitment to data security will be caught out.

Our channel partners should look increasingly at investing in services and consulting in compliance and risk management as part of their overall portfolio in offering security solutions to their customers.

2. Key technology for 2015

With the mobile workforce continuing to expand, more and more data will be either sent online or physically transported therefore increasing the threat of a breach or loss. However, an unmanaged and unencrypted USB is like a time bomb. The need for encryption everywhere is further magnified by the consumerisation of IT.

As IT leaders extend BYOD strategies to PCs using technology like Windows To Go, they can actually improve security using an IT managed, hardware encrypted PC on a Stick to protect private files and personal data. The use of encrypted devices with anti-virus protection should become more widespread in response to the growing threats presented by this change in working practices.

3. Key message to the channel for 2015

While IT departments need to keep evaluating new ways to increase security, manageability and flexibility for a mobile workforce while managing costs, the channel needs to view encryption as a revenue earner. Not only is it appealing in the sense that there are no technology barriers to adoption, when compared to the cost of a data breach the investment required is relatively insignificant.

There are a multitude of business opportunities that are acting as drivers for encryption, including the need to expand into new territories that, whilst potentially prosperous, are also considered more risky.

With executives admitting that their confidence in data security diminishes as soon as the data leaves the office, the need to protect business sensitive information has never been more acute.

That said, it would be a mistake to think that encryption is a silver bullet that solves the world's data security woes. Clearly it goes a long way to reinforcing the security parameter, but it is only one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. To be truly effective, encryption needs management.

Right now, the channel has a great opportunity to take a more proactive approach in working with mobile end users as businesses focus more resources on prevention to stay ahead of cyber-crime.

4. Key warning to the channel for 2015

The only constant in security is change. New developments, disruptive technologies and the ongoing evolving sophisticated nature of cyber-attacks means that every day new vulnerabilities emerge. Channel organisations need to be clear, concise and consistent, because security policies and solutions only work when they can either be rigidly enforced (not an option for most enterprises) or are easy to follow and deploy.

5. Key to your Imation Mobile Secrity’s success in 2015

To stay ahead, we’ll need to execute well on unifying our product lines and the management systems. Right now, our management platform technology makes it easy to deal with the human element in security. We’ll stay ahead of the competition by supporting the way people work today and in supporting them, how they want to work tomorrow while providing easy to manage tools that help IT departments sleep at night.

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