How old do you really look? Microsoft's can tell you

How old do you really look? Microsoft's can tell you

Microsoft uses machine learning and the power of its Azure services to guess how old people look, and now you can test it yourself.

If you think you look young for you age, you may want to double-check that with Microsoft's new , which uses the power of its Azure services to analyse your face.

The site was unveiled this morning at the company's Build 2015 conference to show off how easy and powerful its cloud service platform is. The website lets you upload a photo and quickly analyzes the individual or individuals and spits out an estimated age.

It can be unnervingly accurate at times, and unnervingly IN-accurate. We tested it using staff photos and found that a different photo of the same person, taken within the same year, could yield a different age, possibly due to lighting or facial expression.

We also tried celebrities--though one can't always guess how old they are, whether because of work done or because it's someone like Abe Vigoda, who many believe has looked 77 since he was a baby. Judging from the tie, this photo was probably taken in the mid-70's, when Vigoda was actually in his mid-50's.

Microsoft made the site as a demo for its Azure services and said it took a couple of developers just a day to put together the entire site. It uses face detection routines from the company's Project Oxford, which has the ability to recognize a face, guess how old the person is, and also guess the gender.

Why this matters: Well, let's be honest, this is just a silly way to show off some cloud services but it's entertaining. However, anyone who's trying to decide which photo to put up on on their profile page, be it LinkedIn, Twitter or Tinder, and doesn't trust the judgement of their friends could run the pic through this site to make sure they're putting their best age forward.

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