Digital Sense deploys Seagate technology

Digital Sense deploys Seagate technology

Jumps ahead of the pack to be first to deploy Seagate’s Kinetic Open Storage Platform solution

Digital Sense deploys Seagate technology

Digital Sense deploys Seagate technology

Australian premier public Cloud hosting company, Digital Sense, has successfully deployed what it claims to be the world’s first proof of concept for the Kinetic Open Storage Platform from storage company, Seagate Technology.

The deployment involved Digital Sense using Seagate’s Kinetic Open Storage Platform with custom developed software that utilises the open source API. This lets it run 60 physical drives and extends the platform with a further 32,704 simulated drives, yielding a virtual storage pool of 32,768 drives (equivalent to a single 131PB storage array).

As a result of this deployment, Digital Sense claims it is able to store enormous data sets with architectural system development flexibility and simplified management requirements, as well as deliver up to 75 per cent reduction in costs.

The company said, in a statement, that the platform simplifies large-scale storage architectures by eliminating the overhead of an entire storage server tier, which in turn lowers equipment costs. Fewer number of storage servers also reduces power consumption and headcount expenses associated with managing storage, resulting in the lower operating costs.

In addition, it eliminates the need for legacy file systems and shifts HDD storage media space management to the drive itself. The platform also enables servers and storage to be scaled independently and developed more rapidly.

Digital Sense also announced the Kinetic Open Storage Platform has enabled it to successfully test its new RAID formula that works with similar disk counts to RAID 6 but has the ability to recover from dozens of drives failing in massive RAID strips.

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