5 for 15: Ken Boal, Cisco VP ANZ

5 for 15: Ken Boal, Cisco VP ANZ

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders

Cisco vice president, A/NZ, Ken Boal.

Cisco vice president, A/NZ, Ken Boal.

1. What are going to be the key plays across the channel in 2015?

I think its all about driving to business outcomes. Anything that helps seriously impact any customer's top or bottom line. So I think data and analytics is absolutely a sweet spot. the increased connectedness is creating more data and that is only useful if its analysed, and provides more insight. That for me is the number one opportunity.

2. Key technology that defines 2015?

SDN, or our implementation of that, ACI. Because thats the key ingredient to move towards fast IT. At the moment infrastructure deployment is too slow, and this removes infrastructure as a bottleneck to new business applications.

3. What is the key opportunity for the channel in 2015?

Migrating customers from a complex current state to a more simplified future state. Combining Cloud, automation and SDN capabilities.

4. Key warnings for the channel in 2015?

Don't underinvest in training and development for your staff, at all ends of the spectrum. Especially the technical workforce, but also the sales and business development workforce. Because if the army of IT experts aren't aware of the new way of doing things, then your expertise will be superseded by others.

5. What is going to be key for Cisco in 2015?

For me its having a balance across being relevant to the business, to a line of business buyer, in partnership with IT, helping the IT department become more AGILE, and then supporting the industry with a commitment to the skills and innovation agenda. That's what's been important to me.

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