New NetSuite GM launches aggressive A/NZ hiring drive

New NetSuite GM launches aggressive A/NZ hiring drive

Netsuite vice president and general manager APJ signals changes to Australian channel strategy

NetSuite vice president and general manager, APJ, Lee Thompson.

NetSuite vice president and general manager, APJ, Lee Thompson.

Cloud ERP vendor, NetSuite, is set to embark on an "aggressive" hiring drive in the A/NZ region as it seeks to capitalise on strong growth around the world.

Incoming Nesuite vice-president and general manager APJ, Lee Thompson, told ARN there was a huge push to hire talent after the company recorded fourth quarter revenue of $157.9 million, a 37 per cent year-on-year increase.

"When I arrived here two months ago, I was surprised to find we already have over a thousand people in the region," he said.

"There's a big presence already. We cannot hire fast enough. We are looking to hire aggressively in all regions, specifically in Australia, and in fact channel is a big part of that.

Netsuite's partners include small business distributor, JCurve; midmarket solutions providers, Fronde (ANZ), Fusion 5 (ANZ), Klugo (AU), Annexa (AU), Cloud ERP (AU), Liberate IT (NZ), and BPR Limited (ANZ), Cloud Nex (AU), IBT (AU), Fusion Apps (AU), Viatek (AU) and enterprise system integrators, Deloitte and Accenture.

Thompson, who previously worked for TechnologyOne, Salesforce and Oracle in executive roles, said the company needed to make a big investment in channel partners and that enablement of those channel partners was critical.

"We have done extremely well in wholesale distribution," he said.

"We have done well in manufacturing, in retail and have a presence in professional services."

He said there was a groundswell of interest in such verticals.

"When people ask us where have you done this before? It's important for us to show we have an understanding of their industry and the challenges they are facing," he said.

"It's not so much talking about ERP, it's about talking about what are the business challenges that those businesses are facing, specifically, and then how do we help them make a transformational decision to move them into the Cloud."

When focusing on a particular vertical, Thompson believes its extremely important to talk to other partners, who have the components to help complete a solution set in that vertical.

"We have a big push to focus on working with partners, both ISVs and also partners that can represent us and sell and implement a solution."

Thompson also hinted at the prospect of aligning with partners to help with help with pre-configured implementations.

"Essentially, a quick start in a particular vertical, which enables the customer to be up and running," he said.

"That is predicated on the fact that it's a fresh start for that customer, so it would be stand alone.

"It would be pre-configured, but it gets the customers up and running in a very short period of time.

"At the moment we are looking to work with our partners on that - we haven't announced it formally.

He said these were just "concepts" at present.

"But this is direction that the organisation needs to head and I think the partners play a critical role in the implementation of these," he said.

"That would be a mid-market initiative and then if you think about the top end of the market it's really more alignment with systems integrators."

The current channel program, which was launched in 2002, offers margins of 30-50 per cent combined with the true recurring revenue (at 30 per cent) with no sunset on a subscription-based on model.

The NetSuite Solution Provider Program delivers services that begin during recruitment and range from business planning, sales, marketing and PS enablement, to training and education.

Thompson said the conversation at board level was about "transformation".

"How do you transform your business to the Cloud and who are the vendors that you should be partnering with to make that transformation," he said.

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"The business drivers are normally commercial ones... 'we need to increase our productivity, we need to increase our revenue, we need to reduce costs'", he said.

"One of the partners at at top end is Deloitte and they seem to have a very good relationship with their partners."

He said the objective for the company was to significantly grow the business in the region.

"It's all about growth, so we are making big investments in the region to help grow our business," he said.

"As that market grows the overall economy grows, not just for NetSuite but for our partners."

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