Powertec tackles call diversion costs

Powertec tackles call diversion costs


Gold Coast telecommunications company Powertec has launched an assault on the cost of diverting calls from a home or office phone to a mobile with its new Cellular Diverter.

The manufacturer estimates it will save users between 50 and 80 per cent on fixed and mobile phone accounts.

The Cellular Diverter is aimed at SOHO businesses that need to divert calls when they are away from the office. Early adopters have included driving schools, tradesmen, an employment agency and a law firm.

Managing director of Powertec, Ray Smith, said owners and callers were currently both charged a fee whenever a home or office call was diverted to a mobile. The Cellular Diverter worked by converting the landline component into a mobile call, allowing users to benefit from a special mobile-to-mobile rate of 20 cents.

Would-be users have two ways to get their hands on a Cellular Diverter. Firstly, they can lend one from Powertec, which gets a subsidy from mobile operators Optus or Vodafone when connecting a new service and then a small percentage fee from each subsequent call made on the mobile or received through the diverter. This option is only available to customers with $100 Optus or $120 Vodafone monthly plans. Alternatively, other GSM customers can purchase a Cellular Diverter outright for $1250.

“We expect things to take off relatively slowly but a number of resellers have already taken the product and we are running a small direct sales team,” Smith said.

The product has taken more than two years to research and develop at a cost of about $10,000. It works in conjunction with an Ericsson Fixed Cellular Terminal that comes as part of the package.

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