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Market leader in Database Archiving, Princeton Softech continues to expand archiving offerings

  • 07 December, 2004 10:59

<p>Princeton Softech Expands Database Archiving for Oracle E-Business Suite</p>
<p>Market leading “out-of-the-box” database archiving solution delivers new support for Oracle Applications Modules. This further adds to the extensive offering already being deployed by many customers across Asia Pacific. Archiving solutions cover the major CRM, ERP applications as well as custom-built/in-house developed applications, standard databases, mainframe applications and coming soon Seibel.</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – December 7, 2004 – Princeton Softech, the market leader in database archiving, today announced the general availability of Archive™ for Servers Oracle® Applications Edition Release 2.1.</p>
<p>This release expands “out-of-the-box” archiving support for Oracle Applications to include Human Resources Payroll and Project Costing and Billing. Release 2.1 also expands the availability of low-cost storage options to all supported modules. Flexible storage alternatives enable companies to archive rarely accessed historical data, store it on the most cost-effective storage media and keep it accessible to reduce the cost of data retention compliance.</p>
<p>“As an Oracle Certified Partner, with proven experience in archiving from Oracle databases, Princeton Softech is committed to meeting the customer demand to provide database archiving capabilities for Oracle E-Business Suite,” said Jim Lee, Princeton Softech vice president of Product Management. “We will continue to deliver new archive solutions for the most data-intensive Oracle Applications modules, while expanding the number of cost-effective storage options.</p>
<p>As a best practice, database archiving is an essential component for implementing Information Lifecycle Management strategies, enabling companies to improve application performance and lower the costs of managing and storing archived data throughout the information lifecycle.”</p>
<p>In addition to new module support for Oracle Applications, Release 2.1 delivers support for Multiple Reporting Currencies (MRC), offering advantages for companies that must manage archived data in global economies. This enhancement enables businesses to manage currency conversions with ease and accuracy in their archive environments when viewing archived data, standard currency viewing, and multi-currency functionally.</p>
<p>Since its introduction in Release 2.0 of Archive for Servers Oracle Applications Edition, Princeton Softech’s Verification Engine™ has provided automated installation and configuration checking, system and process diagnostics, and Oracle patch and upgrade checking. Release 2.1 expands these capabilities to verify, diagnose and troubleshoot problems in the overall Oracle Applications archiving environment. These enhancements ensure a smooth transition when upgrading the active archive database to support new versions of Oracle Applications.</p>
<p>“The performance of transaction intensive ERP and CRM applications are critical to the organization's success in today's global markets," said Raymond Paquet, Vice President, Research Director, at Gartner Research. "Based on studied corporate experiences, database archiving can improve application and database performance for ad hoc queries by as much as 50 percent. The ideal database archiving solution maintains access to historical data and lowers IT infrastructure and storage costs throughout the information lifecycle.”</p>
<p>Princeton Softech continues to expand its database archiving and storage options, and this release supports a variety of low-cost media for storing archived Oracle Applications data. For example, archived data can be stored near-line on a file server, offline to tape, disk-based WORM device, or long-term permanent storage devices, such as HP Storage Works™, IBM TotalStorage® DR550, NetApp NearStore® with SnapLock™ or EMC Centera™. Archived data remains accessible on demand, no matter where it is stored.</p>
<p>About Princeton Softech</p>
<p>Princeton Softech (, a market leader in database archiving, delivers comprehensive enterprise data management software solutions for the leading applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Princeton Softech’s Active Archive™ Solutions enable companies to manage and store data, based on its business value, critical for information lifecycle management (ILM).</p>
<p>Our Relational Tools™ provides test data management capabilities that improve application quality and reliability. Companies can maximize application performance and availability, while reducing their total cost of ownership. Princeton Softech's products are used by more than 2,100 of the world's largest companies across industries in more than 30 countries. Princeton Softech is financed by Apax Partners, Inc. and LLR Partners.</p>
<p>For information, contact:</p>
<p>Nicole Cadet
Princeton Softech

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